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Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Weasel-Watchers Are Timely

We live in weaselly times, so the Weasel-Watchers have a great deal to watch. They're always good, but unfortunately this week they were exceptionally so. First place for council member went to Shrinkwrapped's post on tribalism and anti-Semitism. First place for non-council member went to Solomonia, for a rather devastating post on what happens when you go to a "peace" demonstration these days and you're not on the right side:
More people joined the melee, shouting and threatening me. Unfortunately, by this point my camera was off, so I did not capture what had transpired then. One man told me that the police would not help me, as they were going to hunt me down and kill me (he can be heard on the video repeatedly commanding me not to take pictures)
'Cause, you know, peace is a wonderful thing when it allows you to kill anyone who argues with you. That kind of peace is just popping up everywhere.

On the brighter side, Ali Eteraz will make you laugh, and prove to you that both idiocy and wisdom are elements widely distributed among the human race:
Assalamoalaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu (Only For the Muslims - specifically those who agree with me; curses upon the rest; along with curses for the non-Muslims; except those non-Muslims who do things that I would indirectly agree with or that indirectly assist me)
I told you once that whenever my apostate cousin Eteraz could be disposed of, I would come upon this heathen blog, hosted by a heathen server, byproduct of the technology of the kafir, and speak about Eteraz with all the disrepute and anger that he deserves.
Today my apostate cousin Eteraz is further expressing his idiocy by arguing that attacking Jews is a bad thing. This, after he argued that Jews aren’t apes and swine! He clearly does not want to be part of Hizbollah.
Laughter is divine, and the last two posts encapsulate a good point. Some of those violent people in the "peace" march chronicled by Solomonia were Jewish, and many of the people being threatened by the "peace" crowd are Muslims. The law's the thing, not the label.

SW's post was a keeper. He really has been on a roll as of late.

As for Eteraz...he's got the goods, for sure.
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