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Monday, August 28, 2006

Because I Laughed

It's Monday, and you might need a laugh too. Overheard in New York:
Drunk girl: Kool-Aid is my most favorite drink in the whole world. When she moved in, it was like great, because it was like, "You love Kool-Aid, too? Awesome, we're going to get along great." But then it ended up, she tried to kill me with a steak knife.

--11th St & 2nd Ave
It brings it all back, if you've ever spent time in New York.

And if you're not convinced, how about the self-esteem movement's painful collision with the hood:
Thug: He is treating me like I am not gangsta. This is hurting me. He is treating me like I am not gangsta! I am gangsta!

--Subway platform, Herald Square

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