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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Dr. Melissa Clouthier's Question

Dr. Melissa answers the question posed by Tigerhawk. Excerpted:
What Will It Take To Re-Militarize The West?
I think it would be wrong to assume that America and "Old" Europe would be on the same side should they re-militarize. In fact, I'm quite certain that Europe itself can no longer be considered cohesive.
Will the terrorists cross some imaginary psychological line and then Europe remilitarizes and fights back? I've considered this possibility, too. I don't know. There is an amazing amount of good will toward those who would destroy civilization because a good chunk of Europe enjoys the U.S. and Britain being on the receiving end for once. Pure jealousy and post-WWII resentment, in my book, but a motive to sit by until a fire is literally lit within their zip-code.
If past actions are any prediction of future events, the U.S. would have to experience a cataclysmic aggressive attack--on civilians. With so many Americans possessing utter contempt for "war" and those who fight, only an innocent person, make that city of innocent people, lost would ignite righteous anger.

Bleak. Bottom line? The only countries very seriously addressing Islamofascism are the ones who have suffered oppression--Poland, for example. Otherwise, the war is going to have to get a whole lot more personal before the general populace of either the U.S. or Europe gets motivated to militarize.
I don't see it any differently. War is bad, but surrendering to these people would be far worse. That is, however, the goal of the "Smart! Tough!" crowd. Also the good doc pointed me to Protein Wisdom's post (excerpts of a column by servicemen) on Lieberman's defeat, which I think everyone should read:
Joseph Lieberman’s primary loss might be a satisfying victory for the partisan extremes, but it is a sharp blow to bipartisan efforts to prevail in a global war that may span generations.

The political gamesmanship is heard by the troops on the front lines. Many in the media tend to portray our warriors as mindless pawns who are unaffected by debates on the home front. This misperception is largely a result of troops unwilling to openly talk politics with the press. But as American servicemen who together served three tours in Iraq, we can attest to the discouragement those in battle endure in the face of a domestic politics that has a seemingly singular focus on controversy and negativism.
This should be read, and remembered.
Update. Gates of Vienna's answer:
The last decade of appeasing Islam has only encouraged our enemy and increased his recruitment. At some point he will succeed, and after Mad Jad gets his nukes the results may well be cataclysmic.

As for Europe — nothing will militarize Europe. The deadening inertia induced by the European Union, combined with the ever-increasing economic drain of the welfare state, will keep Europe demobilized and demoralized, with the élites choosing dhimmitude over resistance.

As for Europe — nothing will militarize Europe.

Then they have no other future than to bare their throats for the halal knife in the future Islamic Republic of Eurostan.
They are too afraid of themselves to do it.
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