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Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Florida is gearing up for Ernesto. Dave Barry (live, on the spot reporting) comments on the storm preparations:
We are so girded that our loins ache. ...
On the fuel front, every man, woman, child and household pet in Florida currently possesses -- counting vehicle tanks, generators, and gas cans for generators -- at least 350 gallons of gasoline. God help us if anybody in this state lights a match.
Florida Cracker is also reliable in such emergencies. She provides photos of the firly Publixmire and the always important FEMA forecast, which is not positive. She also provides the following public advisory:
Crybabies and people who expect to be carried through life on a velvet pillow, go find another state.

I stand in absolute awe of the genius in that statement. Velvet pillow. Crybabies. Well put, indeed.

I adore a person who not only refuses to mince words but who puts those unminced words into whole words that are spot-on perfection. Making me giggle helps, too.

Crybabies. Velvet pillows.

She always gets to the point in a hilarious way. A great blogger!
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