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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Is That A House Or A Sofa?

It's a house!
“Lennar Corp. is offering no payments until 2007 in its Brighton Woods single-family subdivision off S.C. 707 in Murrells Inlet. The company is also offering no closing costs. ‘The way the market is right now, everyone’s offering something. We’d make the payments until 2007. It’s working pretty good,’ said Donnie Long, Myrtle Beach division president. Long said he is expecting more spec homes in Brighton Woods in the next few months.”

Once builders start offering these kind of large incentives, it can be a competitive cycle, Pinchot said.
See Beazer. They always get it back somehow. By the way, such shenigans don't show up in the price figures collated by statisticians, so you need to mentally adjust for such items. All hell's fixing to break loose in the mortgage markets.

The firly brinkmire is nothing compared to the vocabulary this teacher has discovered:


I would have emailed you but I realized I didn't have your address.
That is completely hilarious! I wish so that this wasn't a college student.

"Visably herpied"!
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