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Monday, August 28, 2006

The Neuterization Factor

Dr. Melissa Clouthier writes about the neuterization of America in a glorious, apt post. It's long and well worth your time:
This post is an essay about how a "neuterized" America creates social chaos that eventually affects political, social and defense policy. (By the way the word "neuterizing" does not officially exist. I suggest that the definition be: eliminating both the male and female gender tendencies in an attempt to create an androgynous utopian society.)
Please read it.

Thank you for the kind words and the link.
This is a copy of the comment I left on the blog where this post originated. As a man who has watched in absolute terror and agony as this psychosis has marched through the culture unchecked, I have often marveled at the strange silence of women - which could only be taken as assent for what was being done to your men; including your sons, your brothers, your husbands, your fathers, and your friends.

As a long time MRA (Men's Rights Activist) I must take exception to your characterization of the Men's Rights movement as being "just a code-phrase for "leave all children behind". " Your contempt for the concept is puzzling, given the context of the essay decrying the neuterization of both sexes. The most active and visible part of the Men's Rights movement is the various Father's Rights organizations with men fighting tooth and nail for the right to remain an active part of their children's lives. Even as I write this, John Murtari lies in a hospital bed with a feeding tube to prevent him from dying as a result of a hunger strike to bring attention to the way men are marginalized from the family and from their children by the current state of family law.

Another recent but growing part of the MRM, is Men Going Their Own Way. A rapidly growing number of men, of all ages, are so digusted by the gruesome travesty which has become modern femininity that they are simply turning their backs on American (and other western) women and either seeking foreign wives, or entering a spontaneous form of a new voluntary priesthood.

My question to you, and all the female readers of your blog, is where have you been during the past 2 gruesome decades while this social breakdown you now decry was all coming about? Why have women remained so strangely silent on the topic of loving men and masculinity, while a few mentally ill women have been allowed to run rampant driving stakes through the masculine heart?

Why did you women desert us men, leaving us to fight this cultural insanity alone, and believing that you hated us every bit as much as the deacons of the Church of Oprah?
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