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Thursday, August 17, 2006

QAndO On France

Don't miss this post by McQ:
France has rebuffed U.N. pleas to make a major contribution to a peacekeeping mission in southern Lebanon, setting back international efforts to send a credible military force to the region to police a cease-fire between Israel and Hezbollah, according to U.N. and French officials.

French President Jacques Chirac instead committed Thursday to send a relatively small military engineering company of 200 soldiers to serve in a reinforced U.N. peacekeeping mission that is expected to grow to 15,000 strong and that will help Lebanon police a demilitarized zone in southern Lebanon.
But senior military officials from France, Italy and other countries considering sending troops expressed unease at the prospect of serving under U.N. command.
As McQ points out, France had claimed it would be a major contributor to the UN force, and had pressed during the negotiations to put the force under UN command. Now Chirac bails.

See Ouwet.com, discussing Assad's speech:
I couldn’t help but recall famous words said almost fourteen years ago by Dr Samir Geagea on the occasion of the LF Martyrs’ day:

And they position themselves as judges of history to prosecute the innocent and clear the enemy of all charges”…

I will not bore the reader by diving into an analysis of his speech as it would be more in the area of psychoanalysis than political study. However, it is my duty as a Lebanese citizen, to point out certain facts that Mr Assad seems to have omitted if not altogether forgotten in his frenzy.
And he does, and it is worth reading if you want perspective on the situation. It is not all about us, or even Israel. It is pathetic to allow a whole country to be victimized in this manner.

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