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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Taking Oneself In Hand

It is always good to see someone succeeding in life. This, however, is a somewhat unique case of a person taking himself in hand and, er, pulling himself up by pulling his pants down? Not necessarily work safe, unless you are in an office alone. Put down liquids before the click.

SC&A intros with:
The world of analysis can be an exhausting, lonely, tough slog. It can wear you down and leave even the best of therapists cold and detached.

Of course, every now and thn there is the ‘dream patient,’ the one who is so nuts that even the best, most somber and professional therapist can barely contain themselves. They want to treat that patient, just for the bragging rights.
We have always suspected that some therapists are far stranger than their patients, SC&A!

ed in texas

Just like a good cop, a good clinician can really RELATE to pathological behavior... it's what they see and talk to their peers about.
Yes, both cops and shrinks wind up dealing with it. I imagine it generates an interesting outlook on human beings.
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