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Thursday, August 10, 2006

While DU Fiddles....

Dust My Broom has the Kipling version:
If you can hack the head off from a hostage
Who’s kneeling bound and helpless on the floor;
If you can purge yourself of each last vestige
Of decency, morality, and Law;
If you can hate and never tire of hating,
Or, faced with truth, still hold fast to your lies,
Or, while you’re hard at work decapitating,
Show no trace of pity in your eyes
Darcey says it needs to me made into a blues version, and people are trying to write the jihadi blues in the comments section.

Democratic Underground has the "Bush/Blair did it" version. Upchuck alert. Here's one of their less nausea-inducing conspiracy theories:
17. a thought here.... Updated at 2:39 AM
all the carry ons..add weight to a flight ..more weight.. more fuel consumed..

now with BP oil shut down..could Blair being holding back fuel for the british airlines..and US carriers..in preperation for a air strike on Iran?

i believe Blair shut down the oil fields of BP to reserve oil..in case of a oil shortage in the event of air strikes on Iran!

think about it..its a self imposed reserve of oil...
Words fail me. Math fails them. They wouldn't recognize logic if their lives depended on it. Unfortunately, their lives do. One more problem for the Marines to deal with.... What if the Armed Forces just get tired and go home? Here's a less palatable DU revealed truth:
124. 9/11 was an inside job... anyone who believes the next will be any more legit is kinda livin in la la land.

As was said above: terrah, terrah, terrah.....be very afraid.

Humans are really pathetic. And Amerika has a greater proportion of sheeple (fat, lazy, TV addicted, uncritical sheeple) than any other locale on earth.
See, I sympathize greatly with the centrists and those who want to be less divisive, but it is not possible. People who can maintain the above worldview are simply not going to be united with people who believe otherwise. The battle lines in our culture have been drawn already, and neither side is going to back down. Each side believes the other side is insane, and that is because the two worldviews are entirely exclusive. Never the twain shall meet.

They are addicted to their worldview because they feel safe and unconsciously believe that they can afford to make up their own reality. I am addicted to my worldview because I have been to the edge of death and come back, and therefore I believe that facing unpleasant truths has a great deal to do with survival. It seems to me that you cannot fight the battle until you realize that your life depends upon it. I don't believe in prematurely lying down to die, and that is what they are doing.

Al Gore is just an idiot, but DU loves him because Gore's prophecies of environmental doom allow them to claim that they are dealing with the real threat, which assuages any pangs of guilt about trying to sacrifice a few (million) more Jews to appease the angry. What the heck - six million here, five million there - don't make a big deal out of it, right?

There is nothing like vanquishing a conjured-up ghost to make you feel that you are a mighty warrior - until the real thing appears and you run like the lily-livered coward you are, all the while screeching "Never Again". I don't like these people. I feel as if they have a right to be hypocritical about their own lives, but not a right to demand that other people die in order to bolster up their self-images. I feel that they would throw anyone on the bonfire to save their own self-esteem. Honest cowardice would be such a relief!

For this insanity, we must refer to the shrinks. I don't think they have an answer, because I think anyone with much moral sense would come to hate these patients to a certain degree.


Don't read that stuff. It will drive you mad. There is no reasoning with the irrational, and no negotiating with killers.
Bird dog, lately reading Reuters is driving me mad.

CNN really did serve as Saddam Hussein's propaganda arm. Now these other "news" organizations are working for Hezbollah? Crap, I can get less biased news from Lebanese websites and papers. Of course, there they take journalism seriously, and some of them have even been killed for reporting honestly.

How much difference is there between some of these major news organizations and DU?
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