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Friday, August 18, 2006

You Must Not Miss

Liberal Larry channels Iowahawk on Mike Wallace's Persian Passions:
“You dance divinely,” Wallace whispered into Ahmadinejad's ear moments later. Few could resist the romantic allure of the palace’s Grand Ballroom, yet the President brusquely pushed the old man away. Wallace, unaccustomed to being rejected, couldn’t conceal his anger.
Ferdy the Cat picks up the thread:
...after two whole days of applying my superior brain to this problem (and that's a lot of brainpower considering I only sleep 20 hours a day), it suddenly occurred to me what had me so bothered about it. ... The stupid thing does not have one solid fact about how people in other countries see us. In other words, it's not an article about why people hate America, it's an article about why journalists hate America.
So it's time to face facts: while it's true that Bush's War on Terror has made us less safe from journalists, it's not journalists who try to blow up airplanes. What we really need is a policy that does something about people who think the right to kill Israelis is more important than the rule of law.
So as even the cats can see, liberal journalists are a dire threat to humanity. Perhaps we should appease them with gifts?

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