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Sunday, September 10, 2006


As soon as I heard the news about a big quake in the Gulf, I hastened home and to the computer. IRIS has it as 5.8, but USGS lists it at 6.0.And then - and then - I clicked bravely onwards toward Democratic Underground, because I was pretty sure they were already aware of the root cause:
6. Geez, any tsunamis from this?
I've never heard of earthquakes in the Gulf.
How ironic that last week, somebody (Chevron) was yodel-ley-he-whoing about a huge oil find. WTF are they doing down there??
8. Gaia to Chevron. . .

"It is completely inadvisable to muck around with the extraction of the lubricant for my tectonic plates. . .Okay. . .? Aaand duly note the differing viscosity of water and oil."
But Chevron does have its public defender at DU:
12. It's idiotic to think that drilling for oil causes earthquakes.
The oil industry causes global warming, not earthquakes.

It just makes conservationists look crazy or foolish to talk this earthquake nonsense.
Heresy! This shall not STAND! Bush-Cheney is clearly responsible:
14. Try telling that to a geologist
And whoever linked global warming to earthquakes. . .?
Hehehe. Go back and read comment 14 again. It's not a question of "if", it's a question of "how". Evil Chevron, aided and abetted by BushCheney, is responsible, and what remains is only to identify the mechanism! (I do believe all the geologists are gone from DU. The one who tried to explain the lack of certainty about global warming to DU - well, let's just say his fate was not pretty. It made it worse that he cited papers. However, as you'll now see, this has only increased DU's level of geological knowledge.)
16. Geologists agree that drilling for oil doesn't cause earthquakes. Period.
Yes, you'll find a few nuts to dissent-- but you'll also find some geologists who believe in Creationism.
19. I wasn't speaking of causality.
I was speaking of cushioning, lubrcation, and resulting severity of impact. The geologists I've spoken with don't believe in creationism either.

We can agree to disagree in regards to this matter. I implicitly trust my sources. -
18. earth quake
I don't know what it is, but Bush and company better be removed soon. Look at the man-made and natural disasters that have taken place since they've been in charge.
See, DU was feeling great pain because Rove had cruelly stopped the Bushicanes for this year just so the Democrats couldn't use it as a campaign issue. Therefore, an earthquake in the Gulf is clearly the fault of Bush. Indisputably. Gaia said so, and Gaia is REAL. Anyone who believes in G_d is a superstitious idiot, and anyone who doesn't believe in Gaia is an environmental criminal.

What's really scarey is that those people vote!

Anyway, didn't feel a thing here in Mobile.
They do vote. They would vote six times apiece if they could. They are inspirations to us all to show up on Election Day, because they surely will.

It seemed pretty far out, so I wouldn't think so. 10K down.
OH my gosh. lol
Anytime you need a good laugh go over to DU. Two minutes of reading will brighten up your day or scare the hell out of you that these are the people you meet walking the street acting normal.
It's just getting better. A geologist showed up and is trying to beat sense into them. This is what one poster wrote:
26. stellanoir, I agree

Gaia will have the last word.

Geologist, like all scientists base their "facts" on what they know, what they can see, what they can measure and predict. Ultimately, what their instruments tell them. But what if they don't have an instrument for this?

To say that oil extraction has "no bearing" on the movement of tectonic plates and the pressures that build up down there is not only arrogrant, its "unscientific" since its a position based in facts that are not in evidence. Its only based upon the facts THAT WE KNOW.

I guess this one slept through science class every single year. I'm trying to imagine science based on unknown facts. My little heart's a trembling with hilarity.
Who will they blame for Global Warming, Hurricanes, Teutonic plate movement, the common cold, HIV, 9/11, Islamofascism, oil prices, the media (mow that's a hoot), and the rest of humanity's ills after Bush leaves office? My goodness what a void to fill.
Oh, they'll find somebody.

* The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy (TM)
* The Republicans
* Those Right Wing Fanatic Christians

And another question: If Mother Gaia is sending earthquakes because we didn't Stop Global Warming (TM), how does this differ from "Do As I Say Or God Will Punish You"?

Or is Mother Gaia just still hungry after all those aborted fetuses we've been sacrificing to her for 40+ years?
Look at the man-made and natural disasters that have taken place since they've been in charge. Like... we never had any before Jan. 20, 2001? Good grief.
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