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Thursday, September 14, 2006

FDIC Consumer Alert

This is a rather clever set of phishing/trojan attacks specifically targetted toward obtaining banking information. If you have done anything with the ProBank one, you need to clean off your computer (it downloads malware) and change your accounts. Notify your bank, too. They should alert the FDIC.

The 9/13 exploit asks you to enter your information:
After starting out with the same description of the FDIC and deposit insurance as Monday's reported phishing e-mail, the new e-mail states that "GoldLeaf Financial Solutions and the FDIC, in collaboration with the leaders in consumer payments processing systems launched SON - Secure Online Network." The e-mail goes on to describe "SON." It also tells the recipient that their "...personal information did not match any SON code..." and asks them to "...follow the link below where you will be redirected to your bank's Initiate-SON website. Once the application is processed, the SON code will be mailed to your bank-statement address."
If you've been exposed by either of these, you will need to monitor your credit reports for at least a year. FTC's Identity Theft site.

Unbelievable. Pretending to be the FDIC.

Big stones, that's for sure. That, and crazy.

The feds won't stop looking for those guys.
They're a little hot under the collar, but this isn't the first time. It's getting rough in banking, and everyone thinks the fraud is going to continue to rise.
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