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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Fed Steady 10-1

And peace is preserved for our time:
The Fed said policy-makers voted 10-1 to extend the interest-rate pause. Richmond Federal Reserve Bank President Jeffrey Lacker dissented, arguing higher borrowing costs were needed, as he did at the August 8 FOMC meeting.
A Reuters poll of 69 economists released on Monday found a median prediction of a one in four chance of the U.S. economy slipping into recession next year. That heightened risk is expected to lead the Fed to cut rates by half-a-point by the end of next year.

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Love your blog Maxed Out Mama. I'm not sure what to think of a future interest rate cut. Uh, didn't they just raise them every quarter for almost forever? I think they should stay put for a while, but I'm no economist, I just think that we should hang steady for at least couple of quarters.

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