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Friday, September 08, 2006

I Worked Hard This Week

And if you did too, you probably want to goof off a bit. So this is your Friday goof-off linkage:

Liberal Larry at his tutorial best:
“Oh come now,” I prodded her. “Surely a fan of George Gershwin knows something about global warming and it’s effect on the ecosystem. Just look at the news. A grizzly bear mauled a woman in Canada last week. A pack of wild squirrels attacked and devoured and entire Boy Scout troop only a few days ago. Now stingrays, which are normally docile creatures, are impaling obnoxious Aussies in their natural habitat. The entire animal kingdom has gone completely wild since Bush refused to ratify Kyoto and force businesses to cut greenhouse gas emissions."
Scrappleface! Betsy Newmark Does In Couric! Florida Cracker Does Couric One Better! And here's something special which should knock a few hundredths off US productivity growth. An Off The Squirrel game (totally safe, no secret downloads) brought to you by my favorite cat.

Gasp! On originally posting, I was so squirrelly that I forgot the sacred solemn humor of The Kag Report, and Wuzzadem on Al Qaeda's outreach.

work is overrated. if it wasn't for the money I wouldn't do it at all.
So I guess you're not responsive to talk of psychic rewards?
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