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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Mamacita's Divine

I'll probably get some sort of payback for this, because I choked on water when I was reading this post of Mamacita's, which documents one of her students' lack of writing skills, or perhaps her student's writing experience, which appears to have been erotic ads on Craigslist.

Btw, I followed her "dig-up-the-dirt" link, and this is what I learned "MaxedOutMama has a crude prison tattoo of Osama Bin Laden on her taint." Can't you sue for being outed like this? Is my "taint" what I think it is? How did this happen? I swear I'm innocent!

that tattoo sounds painful.
I'm still looking for my "taint".
I've been grading essays all evening and some of them are even worse than that email.

One student gave me a food-stained paper that had been folded into fourths and stuffed into her pocket. Her font was purple and huge, and she writes that she had never even HARD of the twin tourses entil she seen it on the news.

I used to think Hemingway was the master of the run-on, the comma splice, and the long rambling sentence, but I've since changed my mind.

I teach 'college prep,' which is a euphemism for 'remedial,' but even so. Many of these students will not be making the 'C' they must have, in order to continue at the college.

I just read a full page, consisting of one sentence.

Worse to come, I fear.

My head hurts.

Some of them apparently didn't know what "double-spaced" meant.

This really bothers me, ya know? 'Taint right.

Hey, THERE it is!
So now I've found my "taint", but I seem to have misplaced my "twin tourses"? Help?

I feel your pain, really I do. How is it possible that kids graduate from high school without even being able to write as well as a sixth grader back when I was in sixth grade. Honestly, we wouldn't have been passed on!
Hi Mama; I'll get back to you later tonight on the HF stuff. Happy to tell you what a "T'aint" is, but it's vulgar and you're not going to like it. I do hear the term (although have not used it my self) a lot on the trading floor. Think about it and let me know.
i don't care about your taint OR your tattoo, but i am suspicious of you.

so i ran your handle for myself.

tell us more about this fascination around hotels with minarets.

should csis and the cia be notified?

When I ran myself the second time, it told me that the CIA and NSA had been notified about my nefarious doings!
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