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Monday, September 04, 2006

The War Of Ideas

Dr. Sanity is still sane, and she has been serving up some ripping commentary lately. Start here.

Shrinkwrapped hosted a series (now three posts, soon to be four) by C. Owen Johnson. The series contemplates the confrontation between jihadist Islam and the west. I think everyone should read at least the third post, because I believe it is rather accurate about explaining what we are truly facing in the ME. Sloppy thinking will kill us.

The Wahabi jihadis have already failed, because the Arabic states are so weak. The likely beneficiaries of the Sunni jihadi campaign would be the crescent of Turkey, Iran and Syria. These countries don't trust each other, but neither did Germany and Italy before or during WWII. Those two countries cooperated because they had a mutual interest in blocking out territorial hegemonies that would allow them to seize resources by establishing hegemonies in smaller countries. Turkey wants northern Iraq, and its oilfields. Syria wants Lebanon. Iran wishes to establish a default hegemony over the region by nuclear power, and to exact tribute under another name by controlling the shipment of oil. If those three countries demonstrate success (the real God of Islamic fascism is power), Pakistan will join them.

So now it's the crescent. Israel has announced that it is not going to do the dirty work. Bush has said that it's up to his successor to deal with Iran. That leaves the fate of the free world squarely in the ballots of the Australians, Brits and Americans. Accountability is both the curse and blessing of democracy.

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