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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Wisdom Corner I

SC&A wrote words of wisdom in this post. It is long and it is worth reading, for in it he attempts to answer a reader's questions:
After reading our post, Time Faith And Progress, a reader emailed and asked us, “Why is it so hard for good to triumph over evil?” In addition, our learned reader posed a second question: “How do we establish a relationship with God? What do we have to sacrifice of ourselves, to do just that?
His answer is long, and I can convince you to read it with this quote only:
The quickest way to the self actualization that will reveal the best of ourselves is really simple. Be considerate.
Wisely stated. This is a wisdom no amount of qualification-grubbing will bring. You could probably round up 50 professors of theology, and not get anything as true. This is also the shortest road to sanity.

SC&A has his own way of answering the question about good triumphing over evil. Mine would be phrased this way: Good builds. Evil destroys. It is always easier and quicker to destroy than to build, but in the end rubble is just rubble, and when did rubble ever dominate anything? Evil is dead. Evil is self-defeating. Or, as SC&A writes:
Transcendence is real because our connections to each other and other realities, are real.
All our agendas and ideologies have a limited life span, because they are valid and fueled only as long as there are those that need to fuel those ideas and agendas. Those things that are transcendent need to no fuel and will endure forever. Not even on their death beds do children forget their mothers and not even in dementia is a fathers touch forgotten.
We must harbor evil for it to have power over us. It has no life of its own.

I would submit very very different answers to the questions than SC&A, but the question was not asked of me... To your answer I would explore and elaborate. In some ways it takes me back to the post I lost ... there are complexities to the hard questions, even though I think that the final answer reduces to only one. I love about you that you look at the hard questions and the big picture.... I am caught within the web of everyday right now but looking through your eyes keeps me ...thinking:)
"The web of everyday life". That's why we have Sunday.

I think we all have to answer these questions in our own way, and in our own words.
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