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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

One Good Punch, That's All I Ask

Update: I'm not the only one. The Anchoress:
In fact, he’s not worthy to shine the shoes of any of the men and women serving honorably in Iraq, regardless of whether they have an ivy league degree, or a simple GED diploma, because the ignorant crap that comes out of his mouth proves he is nothing but a flip-flopping knucklehead who seems to be too stupid, too caught up in his insecurities and his Beacon Hill pretensions, and just plain too dishonorable to even understand what our military men and women are doing…or that it takes some serious smarts to cover men from a crippled chopper and then land it safely (or to fly a fighter jet) and it takes enormous personal courage to put yourself at risk to save your platoon.
ACE. Read comments, ugh. Then military cretins will feel better, ugh. Sample:
My younger brother graduated from the Naval Academy with a degree in aeronautical engineering. He's literally an effing rocket scientist, and he fought in Iraq.
Gateway Pundit. QandO. Texas Rainmaker (don't miss this!!! Link it!!!)
Dr. Melissa Clouthier:
John Kerry's words beg so many questions. He has contempt for the military--that much is clear.
It seems to me that in this too-smart world, that there is no justifiable use for force if you're a Progressive. The Democrats seem to believe that it is unfair that America is the lone super power. I always felt that Clinton giving away the secrets to the Chinese was about leveling the playing field--making things fair. In Clinton's case, he looked conflicted and pained every time he attempted a salute. He just couldn't do it. The military made him queasy. The military after all symbolizes a line in the sand--this side is right, this side is wrong.
Over at Blackfive, some idiotic commenters defend Kerry:
At ease, Soldiers. Kerry wasn't calling anyone but president's intelligence into question. After all, it's pretty clear that if it were up to military, we would never have invaded Iraq. Perhaps he mangled the joke a bit, but I was under the impression that speaking like a moron--hell, being a moron--was a quality you guys find endearing in a leader.
Amazing how they just can't stop, isn't it? Last but not least, read about this new American at Free Constitution, who told immigration officials she'd be happy to bear arms to defend her new country. Stan did post the video where Kerry bangs on the heads of American military families with rocks, but this post, I think, is the best commentary on just what Kerry doesn't get. End update.

Betsy Newmark has the story. Kerry (yeah, that Kerry), spoke what he was really thinking while addressing a college class:
Kerry then told the students that if they were able to navigate the education system, they could get comfortable jobs - "If you don't, you get stuck in Iraq," he said to a mixture of laughter and gasps.
Then, of course, Kerry exploded in a froth of rage when called on it:
If anyone thinks a veteran would criticize the more than 140,000 heroes serving in Iraq and not the president who got us stuck there, they're crazy. This is the classic G.O.P. playbook. I’m sick and tired of these despicable Republican attacks that always seem to come from those who never can be found to serve in war, but love to attack those who did.
Well, we do think you would criticize those serving in Iraq, because of your previous behavior with respect to those serving in Vietnam. And you can't weasel out of this, because you are the one lying about and denigrating those who are serving, just as you did 30 years ago.

It's seldom that something brings tears of anger to my eyes, but this did. Most of the people in the military truly are serving out of sense of duty and patriotism. It's not as if they don't work hard enough to make more money at home, bozo. Disagree with the war, disagree with the policy, but don't denigrate them!!! All Kerry has done is remind a nation of disgusted voters exactly why they picked Bush.

Jonah Goldberg is nicer than I can be at The Corner:
My own hunch — echoed by many readers — is that Kerry's just a Vietnam-era fossil who thinks the old nostrums about the draft and the underprivileged still apply. That's the language he's comfortable with. That's the tradition he comes from. ...

I don't think Kerry meant to insult America's military (which doesn't mean he didn't insult them).
Kerry did insult them, and their mothers, and their fathers, and their brothers, and their sisters, and their children, and their cousins, and their friends. There isn't a draft, and very, very few of these people are in the military just because it's the best job they can get!!!! What, they're too stoooooopid to know there's a war on? Too duuuuuumb and religious to realize they're likely to be sent overseas? Too apathetic to nobly run to Canada?

Kerry can just go hold hands with Jane Fonda and whine himself off into a well-deserved oblivion about being molested by Limbaugh. What a total jerk. He knows nothing about the armed forces today. NOTHING. He doesn't know who these people are. They are our best, and they know they are sacrificing a great deal to serve our country.

It would be worth a jail term to lay one good slap across this man's face. Not Christian, but that's the way I'll feel about this for the rest of my life. Just give me one good punch. Please.

We could raise a billion dollars for military families by selling raffle tickets for the opportunity to get one good sock at the lousy SOB at $100 a ticket. We'd be holding bake sales. We'd be collecting money at intersections. If Kerry wants to apologize, that's what he'll do.

People are visiting graves. People are visiting hospitals. People are counting down the days until they come home again, and this total jerk had to come out with this?

The Kerry statement illustrates what has become a very important attribute of moderm "progressivism"--the feeling of contempt toward one's fellow citizens. Indeed, I suspect that many are drawn toward the Left (in the present meaning of that term) precisely because of this attitude of contempt.

The other day, I saw a bumper sticker: "If ignorance is bliss, then why aren't more people happy." On the other side of the bumper was, unsurprisingly, a sticker for a Democratic candidate.

I wonder just how un-ignorant the owner of that car really is? Does he have a knowlege of history? Has he read much literature? Know anything about science and math? Have even a vague idea about how his car engine works?

More likely, I'd guess he has a degree, quite likely an advanced degree, in some easy and probably useless subject, and nurses a feeling of superiority as did impoverished aristocrats in their crumbling mansions.
Yes, I agree about your contempt theorem.
Kerry ("Did You Know I Served In Vietnam?") is a cartoon of himself.

A week or two ago, he was receiving some sort of church youth group in his Senatorial office -- the sort of photo-op and shmoozing the electorate Senators do. When one of the youth group asked him "Do you ever pray?", he started off with "When I Was In Vietnam..."

The guy is a cartoon of himself.

(Hint: Vietnam was 40 years ago; as far back in time as the Roaring Twenties were when The Nam was going down. When I was a kid in The Sixties (TM), I don't remember anyone being so obsessive over WW1 and the Roaring Twenties.)
He got amnesty in '77, didn't he? That's the date I had in my mind.

I forget the date when he gave his Congressional liar's appearance. It's clear he has learned not one thing since, that's all.

It's not bad enough that we have to deal with Murtha, who's now supposedly on tape trying to nick some rich Saudi for a visa; now we get this elitist twirp with an inferiority complex fueling his limp-wristed in-jokes. The only way that the man can deal with people who believe in virtues such as honor, loyalty, patriotism and the like is to snigger at them.

JFK is rolling over in his grave.
Btw, David's right. Kerry Kore(TM) values may be a joke to you, but to his audience he's a full-blooded, full-fleshed figure of admiration.
Mama, I share your anger at Senator Kerry. I could barely restrain myself from putting a fist through the TV screen during the presser.

Your idea of a raffle has great appeal to me. Just one punch......YESSSS!
I know the south. It would work. There's got to be some way we can turn this in favor of something productive.
so... let me get this straight: kerry wants me to believe that he was bashing bush for being stupid and uneducated, even tho' they BOTH went to yale and bush got HIGHER grades!?

and even tho bush went on the HARVARD and kerry BC!?

he's GOT to be kidding me!
Remember, he clearly thinks that anyone who would go in the military is stupid or shiftless!!!

You're right - what Kerry says he meant makes no sense, whereas the way I read it does. The man said what he meant, and is just surprised that it got picked up. After all, this is no more than these types say all the time when they're not in the public eye.

I would like to talk on behalf of all those veterans and say that several months ago at Haahvard we had an investigation at which over 150 high school discharged, and many very highly functioning for their social class, veterans testified to educational crimes committed which led to their re-enlistment in the military. These were not isolated incidents but crimes committed on a day-to-day basis with the full awareness of officers at all levels of command. It is impossible to describe to you exactly what did happen at Haahvard - the emotions in the room and the feelings of the men who were reliving their experiences in the military. They relived the absolute horror of how this country, in a sense, has reduced them to lazy do-nothings, ill-educated in even the simplest social graces, and not worthy of the respect of their elite-university-educated betters.

They told stories that at times they had personally raped the English language by using "effect" when they should have used "affect," cut off participles and dangled them, taped wires from portable telephones with duct tape and turned on the power, cut limbs off trees with gas-powered, environment-destroying chain saws, blown 5th period science classes, randomly shot pool at the corner bar, raised children in fashion reminiscent of Ward and June Cleaver, shot photos of cattle and dogs for fun with disposable cameras bought at Wal-Mart, poisoned polite dinner conversations by using the wrong fork, and generally ravaged my country's popularity in France and the Palestinian territories in addition to the normal ravage of Nascar-loving rednecks and the normal and very particular ravaging which is done by the applied capitalist pig economic power of this country.

We call this investigation the Rabid Right-Wing Soldier Investigation.

-- Senator John Kerry (D-MA), testifying at Pasadena City College, October 31, 2006
(as interpreted by x_dhimmi)
Okay, thanks. That's wonderful! It is also dead-on, which is why it is so darned funny. That's exactly the "My God, the peasants are revolting" mindset behind Kerry.

Maybe Kerry could rush off to give another hamster mouth-to-mouth to salve our indignation and restore his self-image.

Btw, those who are serving at least have each other; it's their families who are most hurt by this.
It's a damn good thing that bouffanted cadaverous creature is in MA and I'm in PA, otherwise I'd have to go to jail for handing him a wrecked pile of teeth after rearranging his despicable mouth.

I'm an educated man with a masters degree, I'm also a former Army enlisted man. Some issues can be settled diplomatically, others must be settled with the judicious application of swift and crippling violence. Kerry isn't smart enough to benefit from the former, and I'd be all too happy to apply the latter in his miserable gigolo case....
There would be some cosmic justice involved in Kerry's losing at least as much tooth enamel over this as I have by grinding my teeth over it. On the other hand, the odds are that you, whatever you're doing, contribute much more to the life of our nation than he does.

Part of the irony is that the Armed Forces are extremely education oriented, and that most of those who do stay in eventually get a higher education. The depth of knowledge of our military personnel screams out even on blogs. If you read closely, the ex-military comments on rather highbrow blogs are well-written and display a breadth of thought and knowledge that's extremely impressive.

We have the best military I think we've ever had, and the media can't stand to admit that. I think it stems from shame. That's my sincere belief.
Oh get ahold of yourself and try being a little less hypocritical, OK? Whatever Kerry's intentions were his comment would have to go quite a ways to compare with Bush's recent heartless statement that in the history books all the death and destruction in Iraq (including your beloved American troops killed) will amount to "just a comma". Now this is the commander-in-chief, not some senator from Massachusetts. And where in the hell was the outrage from the Republicans and the military? Hmmmm?? Nothing but the sound of crickets chirping. So as Dick Cheney says, "Go f*** yourself".
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