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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Whoof - I'm Tired!

I believe this is a joke, but if not, it gives new meaning to the term "lowball offer". I don't think this will be up long, so I took the precaution of saving the page down so that I could show it to Chief No-Nag after asking him if he doesn't think that we should invest in Austin real estate.

A sullen note seems to be creeping into the RE industry these days. Inman reports on a story that the internet RE gigs are taking precautions:
The anonymous blogster behind Real Estate 2.x loves to throw darts at online real estate firms like Trulia, Homegain and Zillow. Today (he?) notes that those companies and others have taken the precaution of registering the domain names created if you append "sucks" to the end of their names (i.e., ZillowSucks.com).
Liberal Larry laments the latest installment (The Horror In Hawaii) of the Bush/Cheney cabal's continuing ecological war against humanity. DU broods over it whether it is North Korea's fault.

Don't faint, but DU debates it and the majority seems to be in favor of having kids fight back against a gunman in a classroom.

...the majority seems to be in favor of having kids fight back against a gunman in a classroom.

You know, this very subject surfaced on morning drive-time radio here in Da O.C. Including back-and-forth about the kids taking casualties fighting back -- as in "one or two might get killed, but that's better than everyone getting killed because nobody resisted".

That sounds to me like a paradigm shift from peacetime to wartime thinking.

The Headless Unicorn Guy
Yes, that's precisely how it struck me, and it bodes ill for the Kerrys of this world.
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