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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Depressing, But True?

Oraculations, from 2003:
The "Real Left", the writers, academics, media whores, and internationalist businessmen who only see "the bottom line" of profits in various countries, will dominate media, the Democratic Party, and hence the subjects of public dialogue. Their next attempt will be to declare some sort of special rights for the Sunnis and Shias within Iraq who in their view will require separate countries. The Kurds will once again be left with their "special rights", which is to exist under the heel of the Turks. Nor will the Left ever support the Iranian students and young people in their fight against oppression within Iran. They will do all they can to see that we have no troops on the border between Iraq and Iran. They will label it "provacative". The current pressure from the Left is an attempt to keep us from helping in Iran, or anyone who lives under the boot of a dictator. Their aim is not just to stop the spread of democracy at the Iraqi border, they want to stop it period. Democracy means America. And they actually hate America.

ed in texas

Just came across this.
Think the problems in real estate are gonna get fixed?
Think again!
Depressing, but those are some of the milder measures I have seen discussed. The temptation to grandstand politically with these is going to be immense. The Hillary proposal was to extend taxpayer-funded downpayment help, which would make the situation worse, not better.

I would support some legislation providing tax incentives for some lenders to renegotiate bad loans with homeowners, but if the market gets bad enough, that incentive will be there already.

We literally cannot afford to try to bail lenders out of this one, and so many people are going to be in the hole that I think many of them will have some viable alternatives. One thing we don't need to do is to encourage reckless lending and borrowing.
ed in texas

I'm telling you, House Hearings on predatory lending, starring our hero Casey Serin (Iamfacingforclosure) and his protector Pelosi (she represents the distict next to his, and there's gotta be plenty of shmucks just like him in the area), circa summer 2007.
All those bad lenders and brokers using big words that a poor Calif public school grad (I assume) doesn't understand, and all.
It could sell well!!!
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