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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Edgy Adji And Professor Crocodile

Iran, no matter what the Kossites think, bears not the slightest resemblance to a socialist paradise except for one characteristic. The new generation is desperately trying to prevent Iranians from exposure to western ideas while suppressing any criticism of its regime.

Read all about Professor Crocodile here and here, and note the close alliance with Edgy Adji. Edgy Adji believes in Professor Crocodile's ideas on the merits of suicide bombers, which is why he gives speeches on stages with dancers cavorting around holding vials of uranium as a background. Building a better Islamic bomb is what it's all about, even if that Islamic bomb is a dirty bomb instead of a true nuke.

We are not being granted peace in our time, and the reformists in Iran are losing ground, not gaining it. This reality only fuels the desperate attempts of the left to obfuscate the issue, as Shrinkwrapped and Dr. Sanity have noted. The problem with reality is that it comes and gets you no matter where you're hiding, especially if reality is armed with radioactive material. Shrinkwrapped's post was very gutsy:
The dirty, little secret, more accurately, the hidden pang of anxiety and fear at the heart of the anti-war movement, is the question of our courage. ... Were we motivated by cowardice in our opposition to the Vietnam War? It is inarguable that fear played a role in the anti-war movement. The proof was that once Congress did away with the draft, the opposition to the war dissipated with alarming speed.
Yet in order to avoid feeling scared, the war protesters needed to see themselves as bravely facing a quasi-fascist regime (LBJ and then Nixon); our protests were heroic efforts to establish and support peace and justice. In reality , the protests were nothing of the sort and millions of Vietnamese and Cambodians paid the price of our rationalizations. By demonizing the war as based on lies, immoral, imperialistic, etc (which all had a grain of truth but were clearly exaggerations and hardly the exclusive reasons for our involvement in Vietnam) the logic of our defensive edifice required the eventual cut-off of funds to the South Vietnamese, who until the military aid cut-off were more than holding their own.
The same tactic is being repeated with Iraq and Israel. The left excoriates Israel in order to escape the guilt of facilitating Israel's destruction. This isn't childishnessness; it's infantilism. The infantile left is profoundly unserious, and believes that everyone else is the same, and so the infantile left sympathizes with what it believes is its blood-brother standing there on that stage in Iran with the uranium-vial dance troop making a gesture. The only problem is that Edgy Adji and Professor Crocodile are serious. They will do it, if they can.

Their goal is to establish hegemony over the Persian Gulf, and to collect tribute from the oil-generating countries, because only massive infusions of money can keep them in power in Iran. They cannot do this by conventional warfare, and so they need to be able to credibly threaten the use of nuclear weapons against a few key ports and refinery sites; radioactive contamination is a real threat to the Saudis, for example. (Which is why it was necessary to keep Saddam Hussein from gaining and using WMDs, because, as he showed in Kuwait, he would absolutely have used them.)

The only power within the ME that can oppose a nuclear Iran is Israel, and so the Iranian theo-fascists are following a strategy to make it politically impossible for the leaders of the other ME nations to collaborate with Israel. Part of that plan includes the alliance of Hezbollah with the Palestinian terrorists, because they must keep Palestinian rockets raining down on Israel territory in order to generate Israeli reprisals.

It's a good plan, and it will probably succeed if we depart Iraq without making that country functional and defensible. If we want to avoid war with Iran we must succeed in Iraq, and that's the long and short of it. Success in Iraq may eventually require taking out Iran, but let's leave room for optimism here.

WWII's scope was only worldwide because the democracies failed to block Germany's and Italy's encroachments upon the weaker countries. We will generate WWIII if we do not hold the line now against Iran.

The next step for Iran is to test small bombs with what they have, because I am sure they intend to hit one port to show their seriousness. They won't admit it in public, but every ME ruler will know who did it, and all will bow their heads and pay tribute. Iran will probably be testing varieties of dirty bombs in northern Iran in tunnels they have dug into the mountains. They need to make the first "incident" a controlled one that completely disables the target facility for a long period of time but doesn't threaten the entire area. This will require testing and measurement of the results.

Here is a map of Iran; here is a page that has information on known nuclear facilities, but I think they have others, and in any case the best location is an abandoned mine which can be adapted for their purposes.

Were we motivated by cowardice in our opposition to the Vietnam War?

Isn't it funny that War suddenly became Healthy for Children and Other Growing Things the moment Baby Boomers were no longer in danger of being drafted and sent to The Nam?
I don't think anyone ever went to that extreme, but it does strike me that looking at the Vietnam withdrawal as a victory and a crowning moral moment is a little retarded, considering the immense number of deaths that followed.
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