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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Rough Weather

We've been having rough weather (although not as bad as this), so I'm mostly offline. So listen to the "wheel chair boy". Murtha's out and Hoyer's in, along with Pelosi in a reportedly unanimous vote.

Oh, and Howard suddenly realized why people complain about Microsoft, once he bought MS Word.

I haven't fooled with Vista yet, but I strongly suspect that the real focus of the OS is to push another version of Office. I gave that up long ago and now I use the free and functional OpenOffice. They released the SDK for Developers along with a 900 page manual.

A bit off topic, but I switched to Mac a couple months ago. LOVE IT! I bought MS Office for Mac and can still navigate the world.

Looked at Open Office but haven't used it yet.
Why am I not surprised that you are comfortable with a 900 page manual for developers?

I hate you.
Dr M, I prefer anything Unix, but I have to use Windows for a lot of things. People who have Macs seem to really love them, though, so I'm sure it's a very functional OS. The latest versions of Office seem buggy and quirky to me. I used to like it but now I'm irritated with it.

SC&A, it's not as if you have to use anything you don't want out of the 900 page manual. It's just there if you WANT it. Plus, it's free. And there are good examples in it. I like it - you don't even have to read it - that's a win-win situation!
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