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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Bits From Bloggers

The Sanity Squad (Dr. Sanity, Neo-Neocon, SC&A and Shrinkwrapped - listed in alphabetical order, because everyone knows not to irk a group of extremely balanced shrinks who blog this much) has released yet another podcast. I was reluctant to listen to these, because I prefer reading, but when I finally started, I found hearing their voices very pleasurable. All the podcasts are here. SC&A advises listening to them all "If you are at all capable of absorbing more brilliance, wisdom and meaning in your miserable life". It's amazing how good they are at marketing, isn't it?

The Anchoress did the Christmas meme thang and tagged SC&A. SC&A's effort deserves wide publicity. You will experience the Christmas Spirit as you never experienced it before, even with Dr. Suess and the Grinch:
11. Snow! Love it or dread it? Snow, gently falling, lovely and white, is reminiscent of mother.

Everyone hates snow.
I'm relieved the Anchoress is back in action. She finished the book and is now editing Hillary Clinton's publicity!

Casey Serin is going to publish a webcast with a mortgage broker who was imprisoned for fraud and now makes a living telling other mortgage brokers that if you commit fraud, you could go to prison. I figure Casey's getting paid for this, so I decided to pass that on.

This is not about blogging, but this man keeps talking about assassinating Congress Critters. It's got nothing to do with Islam, either. Should a person be allowed to threaten public officials with assassination because she or he doesn't like their politics? Newt Gingrich's discussion of monitoring Islamic websites got a lot of attention recently. Whatever the law is or will be, it needs to be applied fairly across the board to the left-wing nuts, the Islamic nuts, the Aryanist nuts, and the Kambou Kambon-ish nuts. We have many nuts of different flavors. As it stands now, all of them get to make some pretty inflammatory statements, but this sort of speech is only actionable when it's deemed to become specific and credible. Since this particular nut is making a specific threat based on specific anticipated legislation, has he not crossed a line into making actionable threats?

Turning to another type of critter, this is a feel-good, absolutely true story about a wolf-dog who was rescued by an elderly couple years prior, rescuing them from a blizzard by a dedicated, creative effort. The couple operates a wild-life refuge and they need donations for food supplies.

Dr. M., who has faced so many challenges in her life, is being her usual splendid self. She asked for prayers for a cousin (Brittney), who was in a terrible car accident.

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