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Monday, January 01, 2007

It's 2007!!

Fer sure. It sure is. 2007.

Seems a lot like 2006, to a bleary bulldog eye. Raining. Chilly. (Ms. Bullhardt is currently walking around the house while carefully keeping her blanket draped over her back. It's hilarious. ) The pile of rawhide packages under the Christmas tree is diminishing at an alarming rate, no matter how carefully she guards it. Last night she was cruelly harassed by a bombardment; why and how we suddenly ended up in a war zone she did not know. It appears that peace on earth has returned this morning, but her sleep deficit is not improving her mood. She's trying to catch up, but her snores are intermittently interrupted by startled grunts as another batch of loudly honking goose refugees arrives.

I conducted a brief interview with the resident prognosticator, Ms. Bullhardt, to get her prediction of what the new year holds for us. She was staring woefully at the rawhide under the Christmas tree at the time, and predicted imminent famine, followed by the weigh-in in March, followed by disrespectful comments from rude white-coated people. She also speculated on a range of environmental disasters ranging from the rain today, to the development of scorching heat later in the year, accompanied by thunderstorms, all of which would be enlivened by the reappearance of pond monsters.

Her general theme was that it will be a long time until the sacred festival of rawhide shows up again. She thinks we should all make a point of sticking together under these dire circumstances. I think she's quite serious, because there are several chunks of rawhide deposited on her bed outside, and there are suspicious lumps under the covers of her bed inside. She appears to be in a saving, conservative mood.

Dave Barry's yearly reviews are always worth reading, and I think he captured the essence of 2006:
... there are many things about 2006 that we will not want to remember. This was the year in which the members of the United States Congress, who do not bother to read the actual bills they pass, spent weeks poring over instant messages sent by a pervert. This was the year in which the vice president of the United States shot a lawyer, which turned out to be totally legal in Texas.

Also there were many pesky problems left over from 2005 that refused to go away in 2006, including Iraq, immigration, high gas prices, terrorism, global warming, avian flu, Iran, North Korea and Paris Hilton. Future generations are going to look back at this era and ask us how we could have allowed Paris Hilton to happen, and we are not going to have a good answer.
True, we won't. There can be no good answer for Paris Hilton, nor for our too-close acquaintance with Britney Spear's nether regions. The Anchoress takes a somewhat Bullhardt-ish gander at 2007, and refuses to make predictions:
2007…no predictions. The world is too crazed. Anything can happen.
For a more sprightly take on the New Year, see Dr. M, whose vacation did her good. SC&A smugly reports success in the prognostication game for 2006 but omits to make any for 2007. In a prior post, SC&A illustrates the craziness of the world, thus reinforcing The Anchoress' point.

If you want to read a very frightening set of predictions for 2007, try this article about an Iranian website hoping for the reappearance of the twelfth imam by the spring equinox. Then read MEMRI's summary of Iran's activity. This excerpt from an Iranian sci-fi series is fascinating and appalling. Pity all the sane people trapped in the craziness of our world.

There's another kind of mania haunting the western world, and Kobayashi Maru has something to say about it.

My prediction is that public sanity will be in short supply in 2007.

ed in texas

You have a problem with shooting lawyers? How do yall control the lawyer population in Georgia? Gotta cull them herds. It's one reason why famous lawyers from Texas always seem to somewhere else, as in 'from Texas'.
(yes, snark)
In Georgia, most of the shooting is between sherrifs. We control the lawyers with the threat of banishing them to Texas, where they cannot get really good barbecue and the fishing is substandard!

Now, we do have some mortgage brokers up for shooting, given our foreclosure rate.
Now, we do have some mortgage brokers up for shooting, given our foreclosure rate.

If you lived in Iraq, the militia death squads would be going door to door to foreclosed "owner-tenants" with their price lists.
Wouldn't it be more efficient to get the lenders? After all, they have the money!
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