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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Well, Let's See What The Ladies Are Saying

I have been consciously trying to avoid writing about politics, largely because I genuinely hope that the Democratic Congressional leadership can do better than the last Congress. It's going to be hard for them to switch from ranting about every awful program instituted in the next six years to governing, especially because many of those programs have had about as much success as one can expect in politics. So, they are now forced into a massive internal revolution of their own, and I'm rooting for them to have at least reasonable success. Anyone who is prepared to tackle the tough questions and the difficult issues will get support from me for that effort.

So, instead of writing about politics, I've been trying to write about what is really happening on the ground - because the economic position we are in will control most of the political map for the next two years. We all ought to understand what that position is, before we decide to raise taxes going into a recession, or hand out more loans to people who won't be able to repay them. The damage done to the borrower is the same whether the motive is profit or generosity.

But politics will not leave me alone; I endured a gleeful phone call from one of my brothers last week. He had to interject Pelosi's name into every other sentence, in the attempt to get a rise out of me. He knows I don't like her, and don't respect her machinations and misrepresentations. So, back to politics. No, I am not overjoyed because a woman is now Speaker of the House. Maybe I might consider possibly contemplating whether to ponder if this was a step forward for women if:
What's a real woman? Well, real women have a wider range of interests. For example, Zendo Deb is a real woman, and she's pondering electric vehicles. Real women work on their closets and drive trucks. Real women know the difference between unreasonable searches and warrantless searches. Real women are a variegated species, but they have one commonality - they are in contact with reality. They see through BS. No amount of arm-pumping is going to convince me that Nancy Pelosi, the woman who believes in a fictional Social Security trust fund, is in contact with reality. I don't think this did anything for real women.

Beth of MVRWC has Pelosi videos which should not be missed, and I guess SondraK believes the Pelosi belongs in outer space, in orbit around the planet Vulcan. Raven of And Rightly So! aptly expresses what I fear - that politics will win over governance.

Dr. Sanity posted regarding Nazanin of Iran, who is now getting a new trial. It doesn't sound very hopeful to me, but plenty of publicity can only increase her chances of getting a fair hearing. This is the girl who fought off her would-be rapists in a park, killing one of them in the process. For that act of self-defense, she was condemned to death. Tell me again how Islam respects women's rights? (That's culture, and not the Koran, btw.)

The Anchoress has written often and well about the press. She's more hopeful than I am about it. In her latest, she reiterates some error-checking, and goes on to write:
Credible news reports matter because the press possesses the public trust and therefore they have a charge - a duty - to do all they can to ascertain that the information they pass on to the nation is as accurate as it can be.
The credibility of reports - of reporters, newservices, papers and networks - matters because honest journalism is all that stands between any people and tyranny.
Oh, dear. The Anchoress used that bad word, "duty". This will inspire her journalistic foes to even more disparagement, I'm afraid. I couldn't agree with her more; I just have lost hope for most of the journalists of the mainstream press. It has fallen to bloggers to be the fact checkers, and the MSM wrath the bloggers are inspiring is a testament to how far mainstream journalism has fallen. Along with other elements of our culture, it's debased itself and needs a reformation badly.

Speaking of debasement, Fausta writes with horror of the new concept of libraries - throw out Aristotle, and make it a meet-and-greet place with large-screen TVs. No, I'm not exaggerating. You have to read this, and even then, you'll have trouble believing it. Our post-enlightenment culture is really, really unenlightened.

If you want to know what real women think about, the Cotillion's Bloglines site is a great way to start.

Great post. I share your fear that politics are about to outweigh every other consideration in Washington.
It's a shame but they will jump at the Anchoress's use of the word "Duty" - sadly it seems not many wish to use or believe in words like duty anymore. Thankfully those of us who do, keep on keepin on even when others say duty is bad. Stopping by to say Hi to you Maxed out Momma. I moved my blog - why not right, to wordpress now and have been lurking since being back. Since it is national Delurking Week I had to come over, delurk and say keep up the good blogging! (((MoM)))
A good time to think about words like "duty" and "responsibility" is when asssuming a position with increased power/influence. Sadly, Pelosi seems to have no tendency for such reflection, preferring instead to engage in an orgy of self-celebration.

Can you imagine John Kennedy bragging about being "The most powerful Catholic in the world?" Margaret Thatcher ranting about being "The most powerful woman in Britain?" Heck, can you imagine *Queen Elizabeth* (the first) giving speeches about her power? This is more like something you would expect from a barbarian princess.
David, I have been nobly trying not to describe her as a "Barbie Princess", but your astute observation overcame my better nature. Yes, it is clueless.
Speaking of debasement, Fausta writes with horror of the new concept of libraries - throw out Aristotle, and make it a meet-and-greet place with large-screen TVs. No, I'm not exaggerating.

Anybody remember Max Headroom?

"Twenty minutes into The Future..."
David, I have been nobly trying not to describe her as a "Barbie Princess"...

Immediate flashback to a World of Warcraft machinima video on YouTube:

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