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Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Oil is going lower and lower .... If gas prices don't fall soon, I bet Congress will be holding hearings on that, too.

But for something completely different, how 'bout this UK story:
A judge has called on police to take action after a court was unable to prosecute a man who entered a woman's house in Lancashire.

Dean Marie, 40, went into the house in Padiham, put on women's clothing and performed a sex act on the woman's bed, Burnley Crown Court heard on Tuesday.
He said the defendant had "intruded appallingly on someone's privacy" but the only power he had was to bind him over for the sum of £100 to be of good behaviour for a year.
So is breaking and entering for these purposes good behavior or not? I would be really, really perturbed if I were that woman. I'd take to carrying something for self-defense in my own home.

According to the story the guy who broke in was carrying a piece of pipe, which sounds a little ominous, doesn't it? According to the prosecutor, there's no charge he can present which will result in a significant penalty. The article said that the woman who lived there was concerned for her own safety and her eight year old's safety. Who wants to worry about your eight year old encountering a pipe-carrying pervert in his own home? I'd be worried too!

ed in texas

In the UK these days, defending your property, i.e. assaulting someone 'merely over property', will get you jail time. No kidding.
I know. This poor old lady got prosecuted for holding home invaders at the point of a toy gun until the police arrived a few years ago. I'm wondering if this woman ran into this man in her home if she'd be allowed to whack him with a baseball bat?

There's something quite wrong about all this.
You can get someone up here in the East Coast to do that, but I think you have to pay...
Is he named Vinnie? I hear Vinnie is good at taking care of such problems. I also hear Vinnie doesn't work in the UK!
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