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Friday, February 02, 2007

Back, Just Reading

Oil's over $58! Not good, combined with the ISM report. Copper's headed lower. JP Morgan's global ISM (pdf) forecasts weaker global manufacturing. There are some weird anomalies to fourth quarter GDP I'll get to later.

Pipe bombs in KC and Chicago. Mover Mike has the coverage on talking dogs and singing politicians. Nifong in the wrong; this time they're serious. Florida Cracker has a gripping tale of terrorized reporters scattering like quail before BusHitler. The movie should be a big horror hit in Hollywood. If only Bush had had Cheney riding shotgun....

The Anchoress is sticking to opera, because it's ugly out there. Are we having a late fin de si├Ęcle event? SC&A takes a stab at analyzing the problem. The Sanity Squad is trying to "wend its way through a minefield of deconstructed logic.

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