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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Putting Out Fires

I'm on the road. Didn't get Chief No-Nag last night, and just got to him today. The house nearly burned down!!! There was a wildfire that came right up to the farm and onto it. Chief No-Nag says the swampland (very close) is still on fire although there's water in a lot of it. They cut breaks through it. It will burn for days if we're lucky - weeks if we're not. Sometimes the peat in swampland catches and it can smolder for years.

It sounds like the house has smoke damage. The woods on one side (part of which we owned) are gone. The farm is pretty chopped up what with all the breaks and the equipment. The fire crews used it as a staging area to try to save the local houses. Sounds like they did a good job, because they did save all the close neighbors. I'm sure somebody took a loss, though. Now I'm feeling pretty glad that I always, always gave when the firemen were collecting.

Naturally, Chief No-Nag is feeling pretty chipper. He got worried recently and burned all the brush out of the woods close up to the house. He got in trouble for it too, but if he hadn't the house would be gone for sure.

This is going to be an amazing sight when I get back. No domestic animals got hurt - he got home in time. I wonder if the gopher turtoises survived? They are endangered, and we had a breeding population. I didn't ask, but it might take years and years to recover the environment. We kind of ran this as a refuge area. It was cut in microenvironments, and now they're gone. All those years of work....

I'm up north dealing with my mother's estate and other troubles. I had my suspicions early on about the accident, but along about the time the police story was that my mother was roaring past the local police station screaming "Allahu Akbar" and giving them the finger while dying from a heart attack caused by diabetic shock when the other guy hit her while just putting along, I developed deep doubt. It seemed an unlikely chain of events to say the least. Then we saw her car, and we knew, because it is blindingly obvious that the car was not moving very fast when hit. Then we had troubles getting the car. Then we didn't get the police report.....

So we are discussing hiring a crash investigator. These police, are, how shall I put it, known for being somewhat partisan. The thing about Georgia sheriffs is that yes, shooting at each other is often their preferred method of settling disputed elections, but they do not prey upon the general populace. Probably that is because the general populace is armed and dangerous when provoked.

We have discussed it and we do not want the guy charged, after all, it was an accident. "Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us." But it seems rather dangerous to let this slide without having some proof of what did happen, just in case.

Life is trying to drive me nuts, but I'm determined not to participate. I keep reading the news from Iraq, and then the realization sinks in that all this may be bad, but it's not nearly as bad as stuff other people face. And they survive.

PS: This is not a metaphorical post, but it might as well be, considering the economic news. More on that tomorrow.


Sounds like you have your hands full! You posted this on CR and I'm not entirely sure what you are referencing.

"Existing homes were unbelievably bad because of the concentration of price and sales drops in the west. In every region, median and average sales prices were below 2005. The logical conclusion is that those high CLTV loans written in 2005 and resetting in 2007 are mostly underwater which will keep default rates rising. Worse yet, because of bracket compression the 75th percentile loans can be expected to take higher losses than the 50th or 25th percentile."

Can you elaborate a little on the on the bracket compression and percentiles you are referring to? Feel free to post it in the comments over there if you like. Thanks

The very best of luck with everything that is facing you. It sounds like an extraordinarily difficult time.
Hang in there, Mama; If anyone can get thru this, it's YOU!!
Wishing you continued peace of heart and clarity of mind.

Thank you also for linking to my site! Come visit anytime! www.spiritualtingsmatter.com
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