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Saturday, February 24, 2007


Daylight gone and I wan' go home....

FDIC PR-15-2007:
Residential mortgage loans that were noncurrent (90 days or more past due or in nonaccrual status) increased by $3.1 billion (15.6 percent) during the fourth quarter. This increase followed a $974 million (5.2 percent) increase in the third quarter. Net charge-offs of residential mortgage loans totaled $888 million in the fourth quarter, a three-year high.
The other highly significant item:
...total deposits grew by $247.2 billion during the quarter, the largest quarterly increase ever reported. The surge in deposit growth was aided by a record $90.2 billion increase in deposits in foreign offices, as well as by a $70.4 billion increase in savings and interest-bearing checking deposits, and a $56.6 billion increase in noninterest-bearing deposits.
Git the whole thing here. Say a fond farewell to MEW, and let's have a big greeting to savings! In general, banks are being squeezed. Return on assets is dropping, and net interest margin is at an 18 year low. Deposits are up but lending is down.... Looks like payments into the FDIC insurance fund might have to increase soon.

Canst thou say "recession", Sebastian?


I can say, "Keep truckin',Mama"

Your posts are concise and invaluable.

Deflation is a state of mind. You believe that prices are going down so you don't buy.

The psychology of saving is probably similar.

Oh, brother, are we in for a wild ride.
I think that a lot of people bought houses because they thought a house would generate savings in the form of equity. The fallacy is becoming clear....
You mean houses wouldn't go up 10% a year, every year, for all eternity? All the REALTORS (TM) and their paid media said so!

Playtime's over.
Time to Pay The Piper.
Headline on MSN News:


"So It Begins..."
-- Ambassador Kosh, Babylon-5
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