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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A Very Short Progressive Political Romance

Many have written well of the star-crossed Edwards/Marcotte affair, but I think Iowahawk has captured the winsome essence of this relationship.

In the meantime, Nancy Pelosi wants a bigger jet (airbus 380?). If a white male politician were caught expressing this desire, Marcotte would be ranting and raving about phallic symbology, wouldn't she? Admit it - even CBS couldn't resist a snickering "Does size matter?" headline. The problem with Marcotte is that she's often silly, and the Edwards campaign hired (and maybe fired) a silly person, which naturally leads to the suspicion that it is a silly campaign. CBS is silly too.

A pack of silly elitists, how inspiring.

We have people like Anne Applebaum pontificating upon carbon taxes so that people barely scraping by can pay even more to keep the lights on and get to work, and Nancy Pelosi wants a jet that will seat 50 to commute to California. Words fail me. Neither the Dems or the GOP is capable of connecting with the American public at this point. They need to escape the cocoon.

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