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Thursday, April 26, 2007

In Case You're Bored

It's warm - very warm. Very recently it was unseasonably cold.

What I have found is that abnormal times of temperature correlate very well with abnormal sun conditions. This is an archive listing solar events, and here is a SpaceWeather page where you can see current events. Note the lack of activity in the first part of April? Watching these events and following coronal mass ejections for a couple years was what changed my mind about the main climate driver.

Beautiful images, lots of data, an interesting video of the sunspot 930 flare - plenty to think about.

ed in texas

The sun effects the tempurature. Whooda Thunkit. (Not being snarky here. Really.)
On a related note, eureferendum has a piece up (scanned, not posted, for those who doubt) of a letter to the editor of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette (or whatever) saying 'of course we're warming this year, they started daylight savings time a month early, so there's an extra hour of sunlight to contend with.'
That is hysterically funny.

I can almost top it, though. Chief No-Nag, who by profession is a research biologist, once encountered a colleague at the research station who could not figure out why the flight from the east coast to CA was so much shorter than the the flight from CA to the east coast.

I am not kidding....
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