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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Do Me A Favor

Update: First drops of rain are falling; there is now a line of clouds pretty much parallel to I-75 in the worst areas. This is the airport in Lake City, FL, yesterday:

Georgia and northern Florida are in deep, smoky, dangerous territory. The smoke has been bad for weeks and just keeps getting worse. Yesterday visibility here was down to less than 1/3rd of a mile. It's hard to breathe outside; you have to use AC to filter the air.

There are plenty of evacuations and road closures; in some cases people are trying to move horses and other stock under really negative conditions.

The only thing that's going to help a bit is rain, which is not in the forecast. Please pray for it. People are being moved out of their homes and some have been killed in accidents. The firefighters are working under dangerous conditions and doing the best they can. Southern GA and northern Florida need rain. Worse, we need quiet rain, because windy rain and lightning are going to fan the flames and start new fires. Today all the churches will be praying for it; please join in.

Believe it or not, the fire which nearly burned our home down did not succeed in clearing enough debris that it couldn't be threatened again. The needles and brush from the standing timber are building up again. We got an insurance check and a quote on the roof, but it's pointless to repair it right now.

Good luck, Mama.
Looks very bad indeed... :o(
Wish you all the best, though!
My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Be blessed and be safe.
Thanks for the updated pictures.
Be safe! The wind changed and this morning (5/16) the usual beautiful skyline of Atlanta from the West (inbound) was completely masked by smoke. Add to the wildfires, a tire fire in Butts Co. Unlucky for me, I had a seminar this morning and had to walk across campus breathing that crap.
I hope it doesn't last too long - that's hard to take after a few days.
Viola, the pics are being updated by the paper.
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