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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Dr M On The Immigration Bill

By far and away the best thing I have read on the matter is Dr. M's post. It's long and succinct at the same time. I heartily recommend it, because it's thoroughly based in reality:
...for economic and social reasons, Congress and the President have no intention of creating a secure border. The United States electorate would experience inflation again with a tight border. It's simple, really. Less workers, higher wages, businesses struggle to keep costs down, prices passed on to the consumer, rinse, repeat.

Once the illegal flow from Mexico is stopped (picking off drug runners armed to the teeth would be a nice start), the question of digestible immigration can resume. It is the height of folly to bring in a socialistic mind-set, subsidize it and then want it to discontinue magically somehow.
Note that as my dear Chief is in fact a Hispanic immigrant, I can hardly be accused of being prejudiced. However, there is a huge difference between allowing people who come here in order to become American to become citizens, and allowing people who neither like nor understand our culture to become citizens in massive numbers. We cannot allow people who really don't like the Constitution to overwhelm our culture. If we do, vast swaths of the US will simply become another culture, with all of that culture's good parts and bad parts. So do you want the US to become like Mexico, or Guatemala, or El Salvador? If you do, you are a lunatic.

The immigration bill(s) will not work. Chief No-Nag disapproves of them too. The first thing to do is to impose drastic penalties upon public and private employment of illegals; that will stop the influx. Any program that doesn't start with that is doomed to fail. Anyone who thinks about it realistically will understand.

Now, there are way too many people here working illegally to simply pitch them all out of jobs. So we will have to put in some sort of temporary grandfather clause in which we allow employers who have long term employees who are illegal a temporary exemption for a couple of years. But if you make too expensive for them to hire new illegal workers, you'll fix the problem on its own.

Once you stop the problem from worsening, then we can deal with things on a rational basis. Until we do, we aren't dealing with it at all. We should not allow anyone to become a citizen until they can demonstrate a pretty good competence in English and have studied our system of laws and the Constitution.

"We should not allow anyone to become a citizen until they can demonstrate a pretty good competence in English and have studied our system of laws and the Constitution."

Whew... based on that criteria, 80%+ of current US citizens are hereby disqualified.
Good point, but doesn't it make it even more important to provide this sort of education to immigrants?

They're not going to get it reading the papers - I can't even count how many times I've read a newspaper article about Bush "pulling out of Kyoto". The US never ratified the treaty and the US president can neither abrogate a treaty nor ratify one.

Maybe we should try to get journalists to take a constitutional course as well?
I read Dr. M's post on immigration and she did a wonderful job on that post. Also just watched this video and it is very interesting to see. You may enjoy it as well.
Roy Beck is the guy doing the immigration video. I noticed when I copied the link it cut off. It can be found on google.
billygoat: We actually require that already. Which is why it was outrageous when, a few years ago, LA election officials printed their ballot in seven languages!
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