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Friday, May 25, 2007

Gas Gouging Law All Clawed Up

Ferdy the Conservative Cat did a fine job on this one. The gas gouging law is a real exercise in pretense, and if anything it will make prices go a bit higher. Read it and weep. Is Congress stupid or do they think we are?

Lots of Congressmen are such completely political creatures that the distinction between "what will sell?" and "what will work?" is completely lost on them.
That would be one explanation - certainly I can't refute it. At this moment I am out of patience with the Congress Critters. They seem to be devolving.
Are congress critters stupid? That's not a question that's a statement of known facts hiding the question.
Firefighter 16
That's one Aye.

You realize that the other possibility is that they are smart but unethical people who believe that the US voter will genuinely be appeased by this bill?
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