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Thursday, May 17, 2007

If These Are Democrats...

An amazing SeattlePI editorial AND comments:
...a key ingredient in any reasonably speedy energy-policy fix must be higher gas prices.

That's particularly true if innovation and technology are to be utilized effectively. A federal gas tax increase of 50 cents or more would assure that there will be a market for new technologies.
From the comments:
Why don't you come up with a better alternative to gas, BEFORE you raise the taxes on gas? Only thing you are going to do, by raising taxes, is create a larger gap between the haves and have nots, which politicians aren't worried about at all, because they are the haves.
A fierce fight develops, about SUVs, global warming, and overpopulation. Of course, it ends up being the fault of the evangelicals. And those greedy bastards are having too many children, too:
Here here...overpopulation is the main issue driving all of this. Unfortunately. it is not even being talked about at the governmental level. Procreation-control should be at the top of the list. I absolutely adore China's one child policy...perhaps the overly religious types should take that as a hint...

Case in point, the brother of my x-girfriend is one of these evangelicals. His first priority after getting married (at age 20 lol) was to have 3 children, despite the fact that he wasn't done with college yet and had no means of paying for said children. The Lord will provide he kept saying, this is what we are supposed to do, etc......lol...this led him right to food stamps. Take this scenerio and multiply it by how many....it becomes a problem exponentially.
Telemark, I have witnessed similar scenarios... I worked at a courier company once and one of the evangelical drivers constantly railed against the "welfare state" while he was, in fact, living in state-subsidized housing for his wife and 9 kids. He also received food stamps and I would assume his church paid some of his bills. His poor wife was pregnant at 49 with another child. Poor kids... the older ones ran away at their first chance.
Religion has hood-winked so many otherwise sane people into acting, believing and voting against their best interests. Evangelicals are the scariest people I know because facts don't matter... feelings matter. My step-mother has eleven different Bibles and at least as many names for God. It's a faith-based addiction.
China has a viable solution, but I don't advocate the throwing of female infants down the well. There should be no tax incentive to having children, no deduction, no Bushie bribes like in 2002. $300 kid rebates... now that's insane. Society as a whole pays for the education, public safety and sometimes the healthcare of our less intelligent people's children.
How about a deduction for the first child, then an equal penalty for every one after.

1st child - $1200 tax credit net: $+1200
2nd child - 1200 penalty - net: $0
3rd child - 1200 penalty - net: $-1200

Let's favor educated rich people in breeding. (Yes, I am serious)
Beautiful! Brorlob has cut to the chase! An heir is OK, and a spare breaks it even. I love this formula.
In the meantime, even the LATimes has figured out that there is something wrong with the government's food inflation figures - except that they think it's somehow confined to LA. They go through a long list of local prices, solemnly comparing them to the national averages. Haha.

Let's favor educated rich people in breeding. (Yes, I am serious)

This is called "Marching Morons Syndrome", after a very nasty classic SF story by C.M.Kornbluth back in the late Forties.

Of course, everybody favoring this are always "educated rich people"; after all, if their inferiors are bred into extinction, that means more toys for themselves (and maybe their one Mini-Me if they decide to share some of their toys).

While in Eurabia, the Mullahs decree that every Muslim should have at least five little Jihadis from each burqa in their harems -- "We will Conquer the Infidel! Our weapon will be our Wombs!"
I guess the theory underlying this is that poverty is caused by genes.

Another similarity to the 20s and 30s. Man, today's elite Dems are looking more and more like the Harvard branch of the KKK every day.
"A federal gas tax increase of 50 cents or more would assure that there will be a market for new technologies"...this is only true if the tax were specific to imported oil and/or to oil from conventional sources. If it were merely a tax at the pump, it might act to reduce demand but would do nothing about supply.

Also, I wonder how long it would take to get large-scale plants built for *any* new fuel conversion technology. It's virtually impossible to build a plain old refinery in the US today because of the endless litigation involved--it would probably be worse for any new technology because of the scaremongering tactics that would surely be used.
And there probably wasn't a single comment about the lack of new gas refineries. We can't build those because these same folks don't want them in their backyard.
David and Teri - you are making an important observation. The market isn't working because the market is already being controlled by other interests.

Some of the states are raising gas taxes already because they say revenue has dropped. Some want to switch from gas used to miles driven measured by various devices, because they so fear the loss of this revenue.

Given the state dependence on gas taxes, it makes sense that they would wish to raise the price of gasoline by restricting refineries. It's extremely in their interest to do so.
Another similarity to the 20s and 30s. Man, today's elite Dems are looking more and more like the Harvard branch of the KKK every day.

Funny you should put it that way.

In the 1920s, the KKK was at its all time peak. The Second Klan was the most widespread (strong in all 48 states), had the most elaborate secret-society trappings and ritual (spelled out in "The Kloran"), and the widest cross-section of recruits of any of the KKK's incarnations.

Many of the Second Klan's Klaverns were headed by doctors, lawyers, bankers, and other educated Pillars of the Community; their women's auxilliaries were composed of Women Who Do Lunch of similar social class. Nothing like the cartoon trailer trash rank-and-file of the Third Klan of 50s/60s fame.

In the Roaring Twenties, the KKK came within a hair of taking over "The Great Klan State of Indiana", but the Grand Whatever running for Governor went down in a sex scandal just before the election. They DID take over my current hometown of Anaheim -- or, as it was known in the Roaring Twenties, "Klanaheim, Kalifornia, KIGY!". (Spelling as many words as possible beginning with "K" or "KL" -- especially three initial "K"s in a row -- was a KKK shtick of the time; the "KIGY" was a code abbreviation of "Klansman, I Greet You" used in "Klonversation" as a recognition signal.)

The Headless Unicorn Guy
The Klan was very big in the NE. At one point in nearly took over NJ!!
Like I said, M-o-M, I'm posting from the "Klanaheim, Kalifornia" of the 1920s. For the entire Roaring Twenties, it was a struggle between the Second Klan and an anti-Klan resistance led by the Knights of Columbus; the site where a lot of cross-burnings took place back then is less than a block from my house.

Like I said before, the Second Klan of the Roaring Twenties was not only the largest and most widespread of the KKK's 3 1/2 incarnations, but the most respectable. (An informant of mine in the Port Huron area of Michigan has told me about run-ins with local upper-class Klansmen who could only be remnants of the Second Klan.)

The Second Klan's pitch here in Klanaheim (and in Indiana and presumably New Jersey) was Anti-Catholicism; with few local blacks or Jews, they had to go to the #3 on their hit list.

During the big Klan takeover attempt in Indiana, there was a rumor that The Pope (aka the Romish Dictator) would be arriving on a certain train at a certain time to personally gloat over his takeover of America. I understand some poor shlemiel on that train ended up mistaken for the Pope and maybe even lynched.

The Headless Unicorn Guy
"Klanaheim, Kalifornia"
Those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it.... Shrinkwrapped's post about society regressing has had me thinking HARD.
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