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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

In Case Anyone Missed It

Dr. Sanity posted about the psychological implications of relegating women to second-class citizenship in Muslim countries. In the process she posted a few emails she had received from a Muslim disputing her claims. I'll excerpt the last:
We Muslims believe in something called "civility" and giving respect to a person even though he/she may not be deserving of it. We also believe in "obedience" and that a woman should always speak to a man only kind and sweet words.... A woman will only be nice, when she is aware of her own limitations. It it only when she is aware of her limitations, and doesn't feel threatened by men who are better than her in some way, that she can be a lady. ... So many girls think that calling any guy they don't like, "a dick" or something is totally fine. But do they ever call any one "a cunt" so easily? No, of course not. That is because females are disgusting creatures, and evil and sexist too.
I'm sure that we are all grateful to this gentleman for setting the record straight on what Muslims really believe about women. Not, btw, that this Sona guy (the email writer) is exactly typical of Muslims - he isn't.

He's got his own blog which he referred to when he showed up in the comments claiming the emails. Try his "probation" tag:
It was pretty boring. She asked me some weird things. They are such sneaky fuckers. Am going to be really careful about this one now. I was explaining something and she did not even let me finish and she said "Hmm... thats perverting the course of justice" and am like wait up let me finish.
So my probation officer is a female. I am dreading going there, as for a start shes a Christian woman and I don't like this - she wears a cross - and I get the urge to try to convert her to Islam. Today we are going to be talking about personal stuff right into the nitty-gritty as she told me the week previously. Once am there and talking to her she is pretty helpful actually. She's pretty good looking to, so 2hrs fly-buy I think she's married too am not sure though. I'll ask her today.
The thing is I can't be a complete bastard to her. I have to be really sweet and nice and so innocent and pathetic. So she puts in a good word for me so I can get out of this probation crap. 12 months of this Jesus I guess I just need to out my head down and get on with it. Shes also going to make me do this anger management thing. She reckons I have anger problems. Well who wouldn't have anger problem women stupid deficient women are doing your head in? they seem to be missing the central point here. Women piss me off which leads to my anger "problems" well its almost time. Damn I think I've put too much aftershave on I feel sick and have a headache.
I guess the woman got tired of being hit on by Sona, who says he is married and in a recent post on his birthday was waiting for his dad to let him use his dad's credit card!!!
Damn I have to do probation with a man from now on. I hate men I was better off with the woman. He keeps changing his name too I am sure. The first time I met him I am sure he said his name was Mark and now he is saying its Tony. Strange guy. Oh and they wanted to do a home visit I had to blag myself out of it. Half of my family ain't even got a clue. Am doing probation.

Lol at MaxedOutMama, you're so full of yourself lady you're 40. It should be "SaggyOldGranny" you western women really crack me up. Am only 19 for gods sake, am bound to get into shit with the law. I mean what are you more worried about?a Muslim who explodes on a plane or one that explodes in your mouth? if you get my drift lady.

Anyway, am flattered granny you mentioned me on your blog.

Oh and by the way I did write something back at crazy woman Pat.


Pat crazy? MOM, full of it?

Pot. Kettle. Black.
Actually, Sona, I am close to 46. Kindly refer to me as Great Granny, will ya?

Here's a hot tip for you - do not try to make a pass at any of the personnel when you go to meet with your probation officer. It has poor results. And here's another - never, never tell anyone in law enforcement you blog.

Get a job - once you respect yourself you'll find your relations with women improve.

Best of luck having a decent life, and I'll pray for your poor wife. She'll need divine assistance.

You are the worst Muslim I ever met in my life, kid.
Look, yeah I can get any women if I wanted to I have the looks, the intelligence and the money.

I do have a job, I'm a theology student. My wife is fine, I treat her with love and respect.

No one is perfect, am trying to be a real hardcore Muslim now.
Okay, Sona, I wish you the best. Listen, do you realize that being a "hardcore Muslim" does not entail making sexual comments to women such as "I mean what are you more worried about?a Muslim who explodes on a plane or one that explodes in your mouth?"

My Muslim friends would be ashamed of you. It is true that no one is perfect, and at your age a brash callowness is not unexpected. But as a Muslim and as a husband, you are shaming your religion, your family and yourself. Do you think writing that you can "Get any woman you wish" is showing love and respect to your wife? Do you think your mother or your father would be proud of either of these statements?

God exists. Do you think he regards your comment above as admirable? Why is it that all the great religions ask us to treat others with respect? Here's a very Christian, very Jewish, and very Muslim answer to that question: God's commandments to us are always directed toward preserving not just life but a full life for ourselves and others. The demand that we show respect to others, even if they don't always deserve it, is because God knows that we, as human beings, will only respect ourselves if we respect others, and that children who are raised in a disrespectful environment are injured children who do not and can not understand how a civil society works.

A man will only respect himself if he respects women. Neither a man or woman who does not respect him- or herself will accomplish much in life or in helping others. Ask your teachers, and learn.

Here where I live, any person who shows respect to others and is committed to living a sober and worthy life will be accepted with respect. But no person - Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Hindu or atheist - who goes around saying or writing the things you have said and written would be looked at with respect.

It is not your religion, but rather your conduct, that Dr. Sanity is criticizing.

Your criticism of our extremist feminists is correct. They are malign. They neither respect themselves or others. Dr. Sanity, btw, has written rather powerfully on that topic.
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