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Monday, May 14, 2007

Oops, No Dried Milk Either!!!

``Over the next several months we're going to see some pretty strong prices on all milk,'' said Larry Salathe, an economist and dairy expert at the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Washington. Production needed to bring prices down ``takes at least several months, usually a year to two years, to come.''

Skim-milk powder, the benchmark for world trade, has risen 60 percent in six months to a record $1.58 a pound May 4 on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, seven times higher than the five- year average. During the first five months last year, prices fell 14 percent.
European and US stocks of dried milk powder are just about wiped out. Same for butter, cheese, etc.

The Senior Loan Officer banking survey was released. More about that later.


I’m not sure exactly why; however, I thought you might be interested in this anecdote.
Two of the advertisements on the super liberal Josh Marshall blog ‘Talking Points Memo’ are respectively for ‘flights to London’ and, especially ‘Cadillac’s designed for women by Dana Buckman’. I wonder (really – not rhetorically) if such ‘big money’ products advertisements imply that the readers of liberal blogs are people of significantly large incomes and in turn what that implies about the values and politics of big money liberals.

The Cadillac ad is especially intriguing. It’s a video of Ms. Buckman talking about designing women’s clothes and how she applied those same aesthetic concepts to designing a Cadillac that would appeal to women. To my mind the whole ad stands in stark contradiction to what I THOUGHT liberal women were all about.

I work in a grocery store which draws very ‘blue collar’ type perople, and everyday (literally) I listen to them complain about the price of food and gas going up. Now I read a liberal blog which ostensively appeals to readers concerned about poor folks and the politics that cause them to be poor; yet they themselves are jet setters who drive, not just ordinary, but garish Cadillacs.

If you happen to see the video I sure would be interested in your thoughts about it in sociological/political terms.

ps: I hope the fire-smoke thing in Florida/Georgia is moving in a positive direction for y’all.
Thanks!! Okay, I did look at this and I hardly know what to say. I'd be attempted to call it one of these North-South things, except that I have lived and worked in the NE.

So let me just call it pure nonsense? As for what liberal women are all about, it's hard to say. Conspicuous consumption was never a feature of classic liberalism. On the other hand, is classic liberalism even respectable any more?

SeattlePI has an editorial up recommending a gas tax hike of 50 cents to cut consumption. Could anything be further from the old Democratic party? In the comments, the dire problem of poor people having more than one child is raised. The suggestion is to tax people who have more than one, because after all, it would be better if rich educated people had more children.

There are days when I sit and read this stuff with my mouth hanging open. I cannot figure out how we got here. If these are Democrats, I'm a pumpkin.
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