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Friday, May 11, 2007


It's Not A Good Idea.... excellent advice from LawDog, via Conservative Cat.

Yet another publicity stunt gone inexplicably wrong.... Hint - it is a good idea to request help BEFORE you hold a press conference bewailing your lack of help.

Governors don't seem to be behaving too well lately - this time it's Corzine. Hint: when apologizing for speeding, be sure to focus on other people's safety more than your own! An interesting look at governors and other politicians. Via Kaus.

Scrappleface: Animal rights activists working for human rights for chimpanzees have a subtle, horrifying neocon agenda.

Last, but not least, Liberal Larry's rude, crude and gobsmackingly inspired response to Sheryl Crow's little disclosure a while ago. Not work safe. Be sure to read the comments. This is some type of performance office.

Corzine. Another member of the Goldman Sachs Empire trying to take over the world.
World-conquering success is highly dependent upon not colliding with a solid object. Corzine KNOWS that now. From now on, he'll simply have more troopers running about a quarter of a mile ahead clearing the way for him.
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