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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Another Wild Day

Gosling rescue. I think I've got a mild case of sunstroke. I make a terrible gosling parent. Reeling off to bed now.

Dr. M. is worrying about whether Paris is being treated fairly. I think she is, hopefully her life will be saved, and I also think that if the media spent less time on Paris and more time on women like Dr. M.** that there would be fewer Parises.

**Or The Anchoress, for that matter, who is making an excellent point.

Our geese killed three goslings on their own. We rescued one (at the bottom of the little swimming pool they used) and raised it with the chickens. It's still alive, and was merged back with the flock a year ago. We've got one setting a nest now and just may take them away from her when they hatch out.
That didn't happen here. The Canadians seem to be very good parents! Usually they'll lose about 1 out of 10 or 12. Hawks are the worst.

Ms. Bullhardt said she "slipped" and that they snuck up on her. The end result was that youngest family of goslings got spread out all over the place. It was a mess. Trying to herd goslings back to their parents is a grim task, especially when there about 70 geese milling around. One got stuck way on the opposite pond. The parents had no idea where he was and kept looking at the other end of the property.

One of the ganders got the idea and tried to help me herd the last one, but the little guy kept escaping.

Ms. Bullhardt has been whupped and apprised of the fact that she is on final notice. She is far and away the worst dog I have ever had. The funny thing is that she respects the geese, and she will defend the geese against predators, but she hates and fears them. I think they wandered up to where she was sleeping and that she thought she saw an opportunity.
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