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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Finally, Sanity

United Church of Christ synod passes a resolution saying "oops" on Israel:
Previously, the church had approved resolutions calling for the tearing down of walls constructed by Israel to protect itself from terrorist attacks coming from the Palestinian Authority territories and for divestment from the Jewish state.
"The resolution refers to the recent Palestinian on Palestinian violence in the Gaza Strip and points out that this occurred in spite of Israel's disengagement in 2005," adds Dexter Van Zile, UCC layman and Fair Witness Executive Committee member.

The resolution, which was sent to the denomination's executive council for implementation, acknowledges the UCC "may have overlooked many aspects" of the relationship between Israel and its Arab neighbors. According to Van Zile, "This is an admission that previous UCC resolutions were probably one-sided and unfair when it came to Israel. It directs the UCC to 'establish a Task Force to engage in on going and balanced study,' and assist our church in acquiring a 'deeper understanding of the situation.'"
About time. The divestment movement (and all the political cover that these churches gave some rather nasty people) did real harm. Maybe at the next synod they'll be able to bring themselves to admit that there is no "probably" about the unbalance.

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