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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Inspector Dan Is BACK

It doesn't get funnier than this.

Also, all actual human beings are supposed to be emailing the RCT-6 in Anbar at this address because Blackfive says the Colonel wants 'em. If you are confused about whether you are a human being or not, remember that these are supposed to be supportive emails, and that what goes around, comes around.

"The Appointment in Samarra"

I have that on my desk at work.

How do you do it, Mama?
You should have seen the doctor's reaction when my mother tested positive for the two reportable diseases that I told her to get tested for. I looked it up on the CDC report and that's when I realized why he was so shaken. Not only was she the only case in the entire state for both diseases last year, but they hadn't been reported for years and years in the region, and there were less than one hundred 100 cases nationally each year. Plus, the antibiotic I told her to get from him was the right one. Fortunately she had been taking it for six weeks before diagnosis. There are reasons why I believe in prayer.

And tonight, I am seeing the words Mene, Mene, Tekel Upharsin? written on the walls of the NY Times and Washington Post's newsrooms. Fortunately, the center will hold, because the center is seated solidly in the radio talkshows and in groups like RCT-6. and in a fine-skeined web straighting not only across this nation but across the whole world.

The center knows how to be kind without being feeble, and how to be liberal without being futile, and when to take a stand.

It is the center which sees and understands the question writ large to the world across Gaza and Israel, and the center knows it cannot run from that question and it cannot hide from that question. We see the Lawful opposed to the Lawless by their very natures and not by will.
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