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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Stern And Sad Bear

I'm wildly busy, but take the time to read this post and the comments regarding the Bear Stearns imbroglio at Calculated Risk. And, as one of the commenters writes, never forget the Everquest IPO which got a skeptical reception from business journalists even when it was first announced.

Talk about getting sloppy seconds!!! I believe that everyone is trying to cover this stuff in order to buy time to hand off their own little problems.

Consider this just another hint on how your pension or 401K funds are invested.

This is a CDO cover up. It makes me sick. Hey kids! Want to know what working on Wall Street is like? Go watch the show on HBO called DEADWOOD. Only difference? We don't spit on our hands before we shake.
I'm trying to figure out who's lower - Casey or these pups.

Casey, btw, is searching for another host in Australia due to "complications", also he wants someone to give him some travel money. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, his wife has been calling all his creditors. Cashcall told her they are suing her as well as Casey and they will be garnishing her wages. Galina's appeal to Casey. Needless to say, Casey's not coming home.
When I was younger, I would be the guy driving slow past the car crash on the highway to see what happened. Then one time on my way to work, there was a motorcycle accident. Body one place. Head about 20 ft away...Cured me of looking at stuff like that. Somehow, reading about Casey reminds me of that. If he owed me money like these other people, I'd offer to put him up and finance him for a while. When he arrived, it would turn into the scene from "Pulp Fiction". You know the one..."Get the gimp".

He's a bad Captain.
Sorry...that was from me.


Captain Ahab lives and breathes!!!! The kid is like something out of one of those man-hating women's diatribes. He is the stereotype of a disastrous male. Fortunately, he's a rare phenomenon.

Speaking of car wrecks, yesterday a truck was dogging my tail. I almost didn't turn off at the office I was going to because I was afraid he was going to hit me (I had had my brakes on and my turn signals, but he didn't seem to catch a clue), but finally I made a hard fast right off into the parking lot.

I made it; he racked up on the next turn. Everyone was very excited and keeps talking about it. The secretary saw it happening and thought he was going to catch my tail, and then she went out and saw the wreck. Needless to say, I'm the only one that hasn't been down to see it....
Glad you're safe. Lot's of crazies out there.

On another note, guess what I learned at todays risk meeting. When a street firm sells a CDO to a hedge fund, the street firm then takes it back and finances it for said Hedge Fund.

I stick by my DEADWOOD example.

Should of listened to my mother and become a Doctor.
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