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Friday, June 08, 2007

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow....

OK, I got a request on consumer credit, and I'll post tomorrow on not just that release but all of the current trends. It will be comprehensive and boring. I will strive to make it understandable.

Today, I'm drowning in work, so how about a few raised eyebrows? SC&A's Wednesday Whackies were extremely whacky this week. Don't miss the one at the end about the poor gay guy being assaulted by "bar skank" (his words) straight girls who want him to go shopping with them and watch them play with their "Rabbit". I hope that is some sort of sex toy and not a real rabbit. This post also contains a possible explanation of Paris, which is surely topical.

Iowahawk in full style. There is a post up at Volokh on the article that inspired Iowahawk. David Bernstein observes that the original article reads as a parody. It is not, which should tell us all something about life in London today.

Dr. M. on atheist/believer debates and Lileks
. Lileks is safe for the nonce, which is good news.

This one's not funny, but this WS Opinion Journal column does tie in a bit with Dr. M's post. It's about the basis for current claims that the Catholic church denying communion to believers who publicly espouse serious doctrinal errors somehow constititutes violation of church and state or interference with the political process. A little history kills no one.

Ilona at True Grit posts on a homeschooling case in MA; in the link provided there is another link to a downloadable book containing a lot of information about such clashes. The state took legal custody of the children, apparently just so they could harass them. They didn't do anything.

Since I veered into education, Photon Courier on the new kindergarten coaching model:
A kindergarten teacher reported how she was instructed to ask her students, on the third day of class, "to reflect on how they’d grown as writers."
If this sort of thing keeps happening, home schooling will continue to grow!!

Kobayashi Maru had a very interesting time at his daughter's high school graduation.

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