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Sunday, June 03, 2007

You, Me And Us

Tommy at Striving for Average elucidates the relationship between you and me.

Carl still has not gotten the memo from us, and remains intractably stuck in the argument over the scientific basis of CO2-induced global warming. Carl, it's all about us. Perhaps Tommy can explain it to you; you are stuck believing that the Carlian me is somehow entitled to ignore the greater "us", and the point of global warming is that "me" must give way to "us", and that Carlian mes need to be suppressed for the greater glory of us.

Well, perhaps by describing the global warming consensus as similar to a Soviet election you are beginning to grasp the issue, but what these strange cheepings about science have to do with us I can not imagine. The most wonderful thing about climate science is that it has now transcended the gruesome grasp of reality and has thereby ascended the pinnacle of the reality of us, from which pinnacle we gaze out on a grand utopian future. The new "ussian" reality is:
A) Whatever we say it should be, and
B) Whatever will serve us, and
C) You may start writing checks to Al Gore's carbon offset firm any time you like.
Let us assure you that it would be well for you if you began understanding "any time you like" as "whenever we like", which would be right about now. You have been warned.

Ok, I'll start preparing to be assimilated by "us-ness." Does it come with a pension?
You have the right to provide a pension to the public servant or deserving illegal immigrant of your choice, yes. You will have many, many new rights in the Ussian regime.
You have the right to provide a pension to the public servant or deserving illegal immigrant of your choice

Or me.

(and since every insect hive has a queen:)
M_O_M: Can we just give illegals government jobs, so I only pay for one pension?

Anonymous: "Klaatu barada nikto!"
Carl, after carefully studying Barak Obama's healthcare plan, I think we had all just better become government employees, illegals and Tommy included. Otherwise, the cost of paying $12,000 for each family just for insurance would break us.

Surely that's a simple and elegant plan? Just nationalize everything, then everyone gets the pensions and the health care? What could be more workable?

As for the "Klaatu barada nikto" stuff, we will shortly have the legal weapons to stop THAT sort of HATE SPEECH from defiling our people's democracy.
Well, I'll fight until All Your Base Are Belong to Us.
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