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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Fascinating Numbers on The Latest MBA Report

The report is here.

Adjustable rate loans:
While the seriously delinquent rate for prime fixed loans was essentially unchanged from the first quarter of the year to the second, and the rate actually fell for subprime fixed rate loans, that rate increased 36 basis points for prime ARM loans and 227 basis points for subprime loans.
The SA delinquency rate increased 15 basis points for prime loans (from 2.58 percent to 2.73 percent) and 105 basis points for subprime loans (from 13.77 percent to 14.82 percent). The delinquency rate increased 43 basis points for FHA loans (from 12.15 percent to 12.58 percent) and decreased 34 basis points for VA loans (from 6.49 percent to 6.15 percent).
Serious Delinquencies (90 day plus):
The foreclosure inventory rate increased five basis points for prime loans (from 0.54 percent to 0.59 percent), and increased 42 basis points for subprime loans (from 5.10 percent to 5.52 percent). FHA loans saw a four basis point decrease in foreclosure inventory rate (from 2.19 percent to 2.15 percent), while the foreclosure inventory rate for VA loans decreased three basis points (from 1.05 percent to 1.02 percent).

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