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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Gas Prices

According to TWIP, gas prices are up about 20 cents over last year. However they are definitely cheaper by about 20 cents a gallon in my area than last year. US gas prices from EIA.DOE give more detail, and show strong variation between states, regions and metro areas. Interestingly, reformulated has moved lower than conventional!.


Any thoughts on credit cards? I am hearing that the retailers and financial card issuers are clamping down on credit terms and limits. I suspect that they are seeing a higher percentage of accounts making the minimum payment, which is what's responsible for unsecured revolving credit growth (rather than growing balances per se). If its true, I imagine the card company models would send up a "red light" to bring down limits.
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Angelisa Weaver
Project MAD D.U.C.K.
Making A Difference...
Can it slice and dice vegetables in one easy step too?
David - all I know is that I am hearing a lot of anecdotes about people getting letters with draconian new default interest rates, etc. But higher rates don't seem to have shown up in the surveys yet.
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