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Monday, September 24, 2007

GM Nationwide Strike!

The Fed will not be smiling:
General Motors Corp.'s U.S. factory employees went on strike nationwide for the first time in 37 years, after the largest U.S. automaker failed to reach a new labor agreement with the United Auto Workers.

The 11 a.m. walkout, confirmed by Frank Moultrie, bargaining chairman of UAW Local 22 in Hamtramck, Michigan, came 10 days after the union extended the old contract past its expiration while the two sides bargained.
1970 was the last time. GM stock is rising.

Update - of course that is GM. The dyslexia is showing. The thing is that the economy right now is in no shape to deal with this. For background, here is a 1996 NY Times article about the effects of the brake factory strike:
Government and private economists said today that the 13-day-old strike at two General Motors brake factories here has delivered the worst blow to the Midwest economy since the floods of 1993.

The strike has already reduced the nation's production of goods and services by $5 billion to $7 billion, wiping out a third of the already-weak economic growth in the first quarter, several economic research firms said today.

And the effects of a crippling shortage of brakes continued to ripple across the country today, as G.M. announced that it was temporarily laying off another 25,350 workers, bringing the company's total to 150,050. Even G.M. has not tried to keep track of the layoffs at its 1,600 suppliers, but their job losses also appear to be extremely heavy.
Of course, there are many less GM employees involved in 2007, but the rollover to all the parts companies takes the toll way above 73,000 if the strike continues for very long. Overall GM has less of a chunk of GDP than it did then, but overall the economy is weaker now than it was then.

Well maybe it is a sign that labor is starting to become more active. But with the Housing crash, the CRE crash to come and the general weakness in the economy, yea, it is real bad.
It's all coming together. Perhaps that insanity taking place at Columbia University signals the beginning of a new dark age.
Perhaps GW could intervene,and use his skills as a negotiator to get things back on track quickly.Or he could declare the strikers enemy combatants and solve the unemployment problem by hiring lots of guards.
Anon - GW's got nuthin' to do with it. Your comment is pointless.

Jim - I don't think this one is going to work out well for either UAW or GM, unless it ends very quickly.

CF - don't get me started. Please. "We love Jews. Braised Jew, Fried Jew, Crispy Breaded Jew. They are all delicious!"

At least he got a harsher welcome than the Nazis did in the lead up to WWII at Ivy League schools. They practically cuddled up and French-kissed them. The Eugenics movement supporters at prominent US universities seems to have been the draw.

Very interesting Iranian show. A prominent Iranian who bills himself as a supporter of Jews speaks.
I agree about GM/UAW. But with desperate parties, logic may be secondary. It will be interesting to play outs.

As far as Columbia and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, he is a religious crazy just like some of our crazies. We have movies/books, like the 'Left Behind' series whose plots include the incineration and horrible death of Arabs and my guess if the authors of that showed up, there would be general approval. In mega churches, the end times with the horrible deaths of all non Christians are pray for.
Is there an outcry about that?

Senator Lieberman who wants to got to war and kill Iranians for political reasons, would there be the same outcry against him?

No wonder much of the world looks at the US as arrogant, ignorant and intolerant.

I am not real sure what the difference is between crispy humans of whatever faith.
Lieberman's hardly bloodthirsty. No Christians are not praying for terrible woe in the end times.

I do agree that crispy humans are a thing to be avoided at all costs.

If I had been the Dean at Columbia, I probably would have asked Edgy Adji about why his government is throwing labor protestors into prison? Jailed Journalists? Students? Women? The bad part about Edgy Adji is that he is quite representative of one of the power blocs in what is a very odd example of theocratic oligarchy, except that he is not personally corrupt like the last batch. I don't know if you have ever read Amir Taheri, but he was quite critical of the previous batch, but even more critical of what's happened since.

There is an extreme irony in the juxtaposition of the GM strike and Edgy Adji's speech today. In his country, those strikers would be beaten down by the Iranian brownshirts, and the leaders would be hauled off to prison.

I don't know how representative this survey really is, but the Iranian population is not at all like their leadership. I am very much afraid that the government is fostering a crisis to justify the the latest round of repression.
PS: You probably don't want to believe me. Here's Google search.

At least start with the fate of Mansur Osanlu who was abducted from a bus and who wound up in prison - again. He is the head of the Tehran bus union. A good summary.

You are drawing all sorts of false equivalences, and it is actually quite unfair to the people of Iran.
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