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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I Went Looking...

I went looking for an economic bright spot, but I didn't find any.

On the other hand, politically speaking, Fred Thompson's entry into the R race promises to enliven things quite a bit:
Fred Thompson's Republican rivals made excuses for the presidential candidate's notable absence from Wednesday night's debate in New Hampshire.

"I think that's a decision that Fred should make and maybe we're up past his bed time," said Arizona Sen. John McCain.
"The only question I have: Why the hurry, why not take some more time off?" said Romney. "Maybe January or Febuary might be a better time to make a decision about getting into this race."
Snark!!! Let's see, Thompson was born August 19, 1942. McCain was born August 29, 1936. Romney's line was the better, and does anyone believe that these comments weren't prepared beforehand by their campaign teams? The scrapping at debates should be fun, but we need to have Dr. No in there to keep them all focused. It's not a mud-wrestling contest.

The Dems had a chance to run some really strong candidates, but they didn't. Why?

The Dems have some strong Democrats but they are afraid (rightly so) that the prospect of a strong Dem in the Executive would give voters pause.

The Reps have a respectable field. The MSM just doesn't have the same agenda as these primary candidates. Thompson/Romney (or Romney/Thompson) after the Ron Paul scare is my current guess. Paul is going to garner enough votes to make the rest revisit the party roots.
The Dems had a chance to run some really strong candidates, but they didn't. Why?

The Hillary is Entitled to the White House by Divine Right. Would you dare displease The Hillary by standing between Her and Her Entitlement?
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