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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sorry About That!

No one's admitting nuthin', but the Chief is being awfully patient....

I got hit with some sort of sneaky trojanish thing. About the only symptoms I could find were that Symantec had been subverted, Messenger had been started, and my firewall was getting slammed with intrusion attempts. It looked like a Bagel-variant type attack. They have gotten good. The first download subverts and reconfigures your system, and then deletes itself. Sometimes the first is a downloader which reports to another website, causing a chain of these things. So you have a devil of a time finding out what the deal is. I pulled out all the stops just to make absolutely sure every system was clean. A totally wasted weekend.

After XP, I'm just going to Linux for any computer that accesses the internet. Windows is not and never will be secure IMO. I have to deal with this stuff, because one of things I do is Info Sec. for banks, but man, oh man!

Blogging will resume tomorrow.

Hardware firewall, Mac OSX. Accept no substitutes.
Microsoft has by definition made all Win variants insecure. They cannot enforce their piracy policies without making it impossible to prevent unwanted data exchanges.
You want a guest post over at my place while fixing the problem?
Thanks for the offer!!! The problem is fixed, the remaining problem is with the overworked blogger....

I've been working on a test-and-certify deal involving now five different companies, and there is nothing I can certify. In general, my life is not going well.
Try Ubuntu. I've been running it dual boot on my laptop for a year now. It's simple to use and I've had few issues with it. (FYI, I also know the mac os too. I do tech support after all. The problem is 1) too many programs have to have an updated version to work and 2) you are still stuck with shelling out money for upgrades.)
You should be able to try a live boot of Ubuntu and see how you like it first.
I've got Ubuntu, it's just that I haven't done anything with it yet. No time to play.
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