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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Funniest Headline I've Ever Read

It's a Bloomberg article, and the funny part is on their main website. The headline there reads "DuPont Lawyers Use Asbestos, Bad Debt to Improve Reputation, Bottom Line".

Was this deliberate lawyer bashing? ONLY lawyers could use asbestos to improve their reputation and bad debt to improve their bottom line! The rest of us have to try things like giving to charity and paying off debt....

Bloomberg doesn't generally seek to be funny and it usually achieves its goal. The world leaders in hilarious headlines are the Canadian newspapers. For instance, the current online issue of the Edmonton Journal has one leader that reads "Fear Itself good for city — mayor". What would JFK say? I am convinced the Canadians do it on purpose.

I believe you meant FDR not JFK.
Didn't FDR say it first, and then JFK quoted him?
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